“Hanako: Honor & Blade”, a multiplayer samurai game, is now on Steam

“Hanako: Honor & Blade”, an immersive online multiplayer samurai game, is now available on Steam for PC. The game is a passionate project from an independent developer called + Mpact Games.

The game, set in feudal Japan, had been in development for 14 years and was created in honor of the mother of the game’s team leader, who died after a courageous battle with breast cancer.

The regular price for “Hanako: Honor & Blade” is $ 14.99. However, the game had a reduced price of $ 8.99 during its launch week.

Launch of “Hanako: Honor & Blade” on Steam

“Hanako: Honor & Blade”, an immersive online multiplayer samurai game set in feudal Japan, launched on To smoke for PC. It’s the latest addition to the samurai-themed games, which include Koei Tecmo’s “Samurai Warrior 5”.

During its launch week, players can get the game for just $ 8.99. The regular price for “Hanako: Honor & Blade” is $ 14.99.

“Hanako: Honor & Blade” has been in development for 14 years and is self-published by its developer, + Mpact Games.

According to “Hanako: Honor and Blade” website, the online multiplayer game “takes players online for an immersive experience in feudal Japan”. Players choose between four distinct clans in the game, and each player must help their clan win against their opponents throughout the campaign.

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Main characteristics of “Hanako: Honor and blade”

(Photo: Screenshot from Hanako website: Honor & Blade)

The game “takes players online for immersive battles in a magnificent re-enactment of feudal Japan between up to 24 players,” according to the “Hanako: Honor & Blade” press release.

Each player can choose from four different classes of warriors in the game: the proficient swordsman, the mighty lancer, the eagle-eyed archer or the agile ninja. Each of these four warrior classes has their own unique skills, building options, and abilities.

The aim of the players is to beat their opponents through different game modes and maps. Each level of “Hanako: Honor & Blade” has its unique challenges and mechanics that will require strategy and teamwork among players to be beaten.

The main features of “Hanako: Honor & Blade” include:

  • Epic online battles set in feudal Japan with up to 24 players

  • A symbolic struggle between the forces of life and death

  • Five game modes with unique features, including Team Deathmatch, Scroll Capture, Village Siege, Castle Raid, and the new Duel Mode

  • Directed combat that encourages strategy and precision

  • Four distinct warrior classes with different skill options for multiple playstyles

  • Dynamic environment changes

  • Bots to complete teams or provide training opponents

  • Immersive and orchestral soundtrack

The symbolism of the game

Matt Canei, the team leader of “Hanako”, started the project to create a video game in honor of his mother, Janie, who died after a long and fierce battle with breast cancer. Canei co-founded + Mpact Games in his spare time and developed what turned out to be “Hanako: Honor & Blade” for 14 years.

According to the game’s press release, this online multiplayer samurai game symbolizes “the battle between life and death, embodied by the game’s two warrior clans.”

“We created Hanako: Honor & Blade to help us cope with the loss of loved ones through cathartic multiplayer samurai combat representing life and destruction,” said Matt Canei, team leader at + Mpact. Games, cited in press release.

Canei added that he knew his mother would be proud. He also thanks everyone in the community for sharing the trip with him and his team.

“I wish you all strength in your battles, in the game and in life,” he said.

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