Hero erects entire Switch game wiki after finding little online

The part-time UFO hero stacking plush Kirby dolls.

The internet is so big and vast, great and terrible that whenever I can’t find something, I just guess I shouldn’t be looking in the right place. In reality, there are just a lot of things that don’t exist because they were deleted or no one wrote in the first place. This is what a fan discovered while trying to research a video game called Part-time UFO, but instead of just raising their hand and calling it a day like most of us did, they set out to create an entire wiki for the underrated Independent Switch on their own.

If you missed Part-time UFO last year, it’s an offbeat side-scroller on a pretty flying saucer trapped in the modern concert economy. Created by HAL Laboratories, the same studio behind Kirby, it was originally a smartphone game before being ported to Switch last October. You might think that given the name behind it and the fact that Nintendo featured it in Indie Directs ahead of release, that a vast treasure trove of online help would be available for players keen to complete all of them. his special achievements and hidden challenges. You would be wrong.

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“I had problems getting all the medals in Part-time UFO and the game wiki was abandoned and empty, so I spent a week creating and editing pages to preserve a criminally underrated puzzle game, ”user spookyspookedelic wrote on the Nintendo Switch subreddit yesterday. Hosted on Fandom, the wiki is 22 pages long, which may not seem like a ton until you see how long some of them are, ranging from a few hundred words to over a thousand.

Part-time UFO hero transports a crate of oranges in a truck.

The part-time UFO hero carrying a crate of oranges in a truck.

Although a smaller game overall, Part-time UFO is packed with fine detail, ranging from hidden costumes to special game modes like Infinity Tower, where players build a large structure by stacking random items on top of each other. More importantly, the Spookyspokedelic wiki describes how players can earn each of the game’s special medals and achievements. Of course, if you just want to know more about the story of the little UFO – its name is Jobski – this story is also described.

“I love it when I play an obscure game and google something, half expecting no response, and find exactly what I’m looking for, because an unnamed hero took the time to put in this useful information , even not knowing much about it people will someday see it or thank them for their work, “wrote a commenter in the Reddit thread announcing the wiki.” Thank you! “another wrote. have known for ages how to get the ‘So Long, UFO!’ Feat of Glory, so it’s great to finally have an answer to that.

The “So Long, UFO” feat is a perfect example of the kind of obscure gaming trivia that might otherwise fall through the cracks of the Internet. Achieving requires you to collect the game’s recurring Masked Thief character and instead of putting her back on a platform, as required in a separate challenge, you have to place her so she can escape. It’s the kind of incredibly minor detail that a friend can stumble upon and tell you about, but otherwise you won’t easily find it in a guidebook unless someone takes the trouble to document it.

The Spookyspokedelic project, which in some ways is quite ordinary, seemed to explode on the subreddit precisely because of this. In an age when many big sites only have dedicated guides for the most popular games, and YouTube walkthroughs can be a mess to navigate between finding timestamps and bombarding ads, it’s almost. quaint to be able to simply scroll through a list of hyperlinks in a fan library dedicated to their favorite cult game. “The internet today is so focused on the rapidly changing elements that we forget to value the wikis and old walkthroughs that were the original giants upon which our quick tutorial videos and flashy animated infographic videos are based. One commentator wrote.

it helps that Part-time UFO is such a brilliant game to begin with, which made it all the more unthinkable that a wiki for it didn’t already exist. Fortunately, now we are finally doing it.

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