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Hidden details and Easter eggs in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 was finally released in 2021 after fans waited over 16 years for a sequel to the beloved Double Fine game. The game was well received by fans and also highly rated by critics.

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With Xbox’s acquisition of Double Fine in recent years, the studio finds itself in a place where a third game in the series is plausible. Psychonauts 2 was full of secrets, mysteries, and answers to questions fans have been asking for over a decade. With that, however, there was a lot that people missed during their game of Psychonauts 2.

Mr. Pokeylope

Psychonauts 2 secrets 8 mr pokeylope

Mr. Pokeylope is a fan favorite character of the original Psychonauts who was the companion turtle of Dr. Laboto’s henchman known as Sheegor. This turtle was known for its golden boots that matched the golden crown that rested on its head.

If you visit Otto Mentallis’ lab in Psychonauts 2, you can find a turtle with a hat on its head on one of its shelves. It’s unclear whether this is a reference to Mr. Pokeylope or not, but it’s nice to imagine that was the intention.

Fragment of the Discworld

Psychonauts 2 secrets 7 disc-world fragment

Terry Pratchett is a name that might not mean much to young readers looking at this list, but the accomplished author was best known for his series known as Discworld, which included 41 novels.

Psychonauts 2 pays homage to both this author and this series with some random fiction that can be found. Not only does the image say the word “Pratchett” on it, it features a flat Earth held up on the back of a massively large turtle.

Is that … Jack Black?

Psychonauts 2 secrets 6 grains of light

Yes, the voice of the Mote of Light you hear during group reunion levels in Psychonauts 2 is indeed Jack Black. These levels feature a lot of melodic gameplay elements that Black is perfect for, and it looks like he just wanted to rework with Tim Shafer and Double Fine to some extent.

Those who managed to avoid pre-release marketing were treated to this surprise and may not have noticed that this character was played by one of Hollywood’s greatest comedic actors.

Eddie Riggs cameo

Psychonauts 2 secrets 5 eddie riggs

So not only is the voice of comedy legend Jack Black in Psychonauts 2, but a character he previously voiced for Double Fine also makes an appearance in the game. Anyone who uses clairvoyance on Nick from the mail room afterwards having obtained a brain will be surprised at the appearance of Raz through his eyes.

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Raz will sport a hard rock biker look meant to evoke the iconic design of Eddie Riggs, the Brutal Legend main character that Jack Black voiced and on which his likeness was used.

A band comes back with a name

Psychonauts 2 secrets 4 band name

It’s easy to forget that Psychonauts 2 takes place literally within days of the events of the first game, but there are many threads connected that make the whole adventure feel like one long story.

During the first game, two other campers by the name of Phoebe and Quentin create a group and they cannot decide whether their group should be the Firestarts or the Levitators. It seems they agreed on a band name as a poster for the Firestarters band can be found in the treehouse which is used as a radio station just outside the entrance to the building. Motherlobe.

Funhaus cameos

Psychonauts 2 secrets 3 funhaus skeletons

Now Double Fine is a development studio known for its loyal, die-hard fanbase who just can’t get enough of their original, creative, and unique brand of games. The internet is teeming with in-game personalities who were their passions up their sleeves, and the Willems of Funhaus have expressed how much they love the Psychonauts.

James Willems and his wife Elyse express their love for the world of Psychonauts whenever they get the chance and that love has been rewarded with an in-game cameo. Both can be heard as the rich couple of skeletons on the level of the casino featured in Psychonauts 2.

Ford Cruller instead of Lili

Psychonauts 2 secrets 2 ford cruller

Double Fine tends to be pretty detail-oriented in their game development, so this one looks more like a retcon than a mistake. At the start of the game, as a player, you are entitled to a recap of the series that serves to catch up with people in the history of Psychonauts.

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In this presentation, Ford Cruller can be seen getting ready to help the crew after the events of Psychonauts 1. This was not how it happened in the original game as it was considered out of order. Lili was present during the original game’s heyday, but it looks like in the new recap they swapped her inclusion with Cruller’s inclusion.

Revisiting brains

Psychonauts 2 secrets 1 brain

When you roll credits on Psychonauts 2 you might think that the only thing left to do is collect collectibles to complete the game, but there is one reveal that should be explored.

In the post-match, most individuals can now be found in the levels that decide them, and Raz can have additional conversations with them. None of this is life changing, but it does provide an additional perspective on the personal journeys they’ve experienced during the game.

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