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How Recent GTA Online Updates Are Rewarding In-Game Business Owners

GTA online became one of Rockstar’s all-time great success stories. The massively popular platform ensures that Grand Theft AutoThe relevance of hasn’t diminished as legions of players race, explore, battle, and carry out heists to rise through the ranks in the world of organized crime. With the recent introduction of a paid subscription service, GTA+, continues to grow the brand, expect GTA online being there much longer than many might have originally anticipated as fans settle in for the long wait for GTA VI.

The popular online platform offers constant incentives in the form of weekly bonuses, new discounts, articles and upcoming activities to keep things fresh and enable an ever-evolving live service forum. This month saw the introduction of the themed event titled Business Bonus. This is an entrepreneur-focused update that aims to inspire online users to get involved in the many lucrative businesses currently on offer around Los Santos.

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A host of trade perks were added earlier this month. Most were aimed at arms dealers who could take advantage of doubled research speeds and 50% off bunker supplies. They also received double rewards for vehicles and 30% off Vehicle Warehouses and Special Cargo Warehouses.

The first set of perks for the week starting April 21 are Nightclub Bonuses. Promotion missions will gain twice the popularity than usual, while players will also receive a 50% bonus on the daily income deposited in their vault. The production of warehoused goods is doubled under the program, which, according to Rockstar’s website, stands for “shorter lead times between big sales”. For bikers, meanwhile, those who access the Open Road Network can earn extra cash through the Motorbike Club Businesses, as completing any Biker Sell Mission will award 50% GTA$ and RP additional.

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There’s more to the update than increased return bonuses. Rockstar has made it a point to incentivize business owners by offering business discounts so registered nightclub owners “can repel attacks from jealous enemies by getting a rope-safety upgrade.” velvet at 40% off”. Office accommodations for executives can also be upgraded to add a bed for a 30% discount, while the purchase price of the MC Clubhouse has been reduced by 30%.

The update also introduces Cross the Line, a new racing game mode where the goal is “to get all of your team members onto the field and into the opponent’s end zone at the same time. weather”. Whether players win or lose, all participants receive 4x GTA$ and RP just for participating. Elsewhere, for car enthusiasts, winning a Los Santos Car Meet Series race for four consecutive days will be rewarded with the Dinka Jester Classic racer, an “iconic figure and beloved choice of street racers statewide. “.

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The streets of Los Santos are no place for the fashion-unsavvy, so it’s a good thing Rockstar is giving gamers even more apparel and accessories for the sartorially minded members of the GTA online community. A free pair of Green Square Shades is the reward for bikers who complete a single Sell Mission during the week, while completing a special Sell Cargo Mission grants access to the Graphic White Tuxedo Jacket. Completing a Gunrunning Sell Mission grants players the White Vom Feuer Cap for free.

With a host of other bonuses available, including vehicle discounts, free drinks at nightclubs and the chance to win a German roadster at the Diamond Casino, April promises to be a good month for car owners. established business and the average Joes. GTA+ members will receive their usual set of benefits each month, but GTA onlineRockstar’s weekly updates show Rockstar’s intention to keep as many members of their huge player base as happy and as loyal as possible.

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