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How to Play the New Criminal Career Missions in GTA Online

GTA Online finally got its long-awaited summer DLC in the form of Criminal Enterprises on July 26. The mega update introduced lots of changes and new content to the game.

Speaking of changes, all of the criminal careers – Biker, CEO, Gunrunner, and Nightclub Owner – have undergone heavy changes. There are many new activities and ways to earn more money.

Criminal Enterprises has made business fun again in GTA Online


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This update brought new features that made the MC Clubhouse interesting. Previously, players only visited it to buy new businesses.

The MC Clubhouse now has a fully functioning bar with Sindy at the helm, serving drinks to thirsty patrons. That said, running the bar allows the club to earn passive income.

To keep things running smoothly, presidents need to restock the bar from time to time to keep cash flowing.

The missions are simple and can be triggered by talking to Sindy behind the bar. Once they start, users will need to go to the marked location, pick up supplies, and bring them back. However, there may be rival clubs and law enforcement in pursuit.

GTA Online Bikers also has two new Clubhouse contracts to complete. These can be triggered by interacting with the posters in the conference room.

One of the missions is called Life and Death and involves using the Arena Wars Death Bike. Players are first tasked with stealing a concept motorcycle and wreaking havoc on rival gangs like Kkangpae, Vagos, and Ballas.

The second new mission is called Hit the Roof, and as the name suggests, it involves rooftop shootouts. Players will need to visit one of two locations and eliminate all enemies on the roof before using a Cargobob to tow a container with a surprise.

The latest change to the biker career comes via the Custom Bike Garage, which can be used to customize and deliver bikes to NPCs. It’s very similar to the Auto Shop in GTA Online.

However, the Presidents cannot instruct workers to deliver the bikes, which spawn in the Clubhouse. There are notifications once they do.


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CEO Crates has always been a fan favorite, and with the Criminal Enterprises update, users are going to love it even more.

The first major change comes in the form of new warehouse staff. Lupe is the new personnel manager, and they can interact with her (or her team if there are multiple warehouses) in the warehouse. She helps find extra crates so players can take some time off.

The team charges $7,500 and gets one, two, or three crates at random. This is a big change as it adds a passive aspect to the business that needs grinding the most.

Another new cargo in the form of Mixed Goods is available once per day (48 minutes in real life). Players can talk to the office assistant to find out where the flatbed truck containing the goods is.

Once acquired, the truck must be delivered to the terminal for payment. This is not affected by high demand bonuses in public lobbies.

GTA Online grinders also got two new Crate Supply Missions to add variety and entertainment.

However, the first mission is very troublesome and time consuming. Unfortunately, users trying to get a single crate may also encounter this mission. They should consider switching lobby once they see Go to Hookies or Del Perro Beach.

The second new mission isn’t as bad, but it’s not easy either. It involves players rushing through a car shop full of enemies to steal a loaded van.

Night club owner

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GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises DLC also brought a lot of love to the nightclub and its warehouse.

For starters, players can now call Tony to start Nightclub Popularity missions. The popularity percentage can also be viewed once the call is connected. There are two new missions to help keep the nightclub relevant as well.

The first mission tasks them with destroying a drug operation owned by people posing as official suppliers to the hottest nightclub in town.

The second new mission asks users to retrieve incriminating evidence for Tony. They must sneak into the journalist’s house and plant a virus on his PC. After that, the paparazzi are to be killed and the evidence delivered to the nightclub.

Nightclub owners must also take care of customers who enter but refuse to leave. In other words, owners will now receive text messages from Marcel about guests creating a row. Most missions are simple and take around 30 seconds, but those involving VIPs take a bit longer.

As for real money makers, warehouses have also undergone some changes.

Like Lupe in the CEO warehouses, the Nightclub also has Yohan. However, he only interacts with players over the phone.

By calling it, owners can initiate a Crate Supply Mission for the Nightclub. During their call, they can also see the value and percentage of stock in the warehouse.

The Warehouse was entirely passive prior to the Criminal Enterprises update, but now players can increase the rate at which it fills up by purchasing additional crates.

GTA Online players can now also call Tony and request either the Patriot Stretch Limo or his personal car. Many will think this is unnecessary, but these vehicles have a hidden advantage. They are armored and can tank up to three homing missiles before exploding.

Arms trafficking

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The Bunker also has a few new additions that players will love.

For starters, players in GTA Online can now summon Agent 14 and launch Search Missions to boost their speed. A madman with a minigun is in a shootout with the cops, and the Gunrunners will need to take out both factions before receiving the wanted item to add 20-25% to the bar.

Like the CEO Crates, there are two new Bunker Restock Missions. In the first instance, GTA Online users kill a group of smugglers and then bring their air-dropped supplies back to base.

The second new mission they can complete is to hack into a PC to reveal the location of a Bombushka. The plane must be hacked to reveal the location of supplies that must be collected and brought back to the bunker.

The arms trafficking business is also producing excess inventory now. These can be delivered to a designated Ammu-Nation outlet once a day for a little extra money.

GTA Online fans can also summon Agent 14 to spawn in vehicles like Tony. However, these are in no way explosive or bulletproof.

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