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Suns vs Mavericks: Everything you need to know about the NBA Game 7 playoff

Mavericks and Doncic must continue attacking Paint in Game 7 against Suns

Suns And Mavs Latest Injury Reports For Game 7

Storyline: The Suns and Mavericks are on two different trajectories going into Game 7. Phoenix has everything to lose while Dallas has momentum after their blowout 27-point home win on Thursday. It was a reversal of fortune for the Suns after beating the Mavericks at home by 30 points in Game 5 two days prior.

Defending Western Conference champion Suns have recorded their best 64 regular season wins, which include their three-game sweep of Dallas before the playoffs, and the coveted No. 1 seed with home field advantage.

The Mavericks have more to gain as the undersized and underdog fourth seed who started the series 0-2 and redeemed themselves in all three home wins in Games 3, 4 and 6 , and pushed the deciding game 7.

This will be the Suns’ second game facing elimination under Monty Williams since their Game 6 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in the Finals last year.

The Mavericks attacked Chris Paul, shielding him all over the field and seemingly wearing him down. This caused the Suns’ half-court offense to accelerate and knock them off their rhythm. But Devin Booker needs to find the rhythm after Game 6, in which he committed a team-high eight turnovers with his 19 points on 6 of 17 FG. It was Booker’s second-worst offensive outing in the Western semifinals since he had 18 of 6 of 13 FG points in Game 3. Booker claimed he was “excited” for his opener 7 in career, and the pressure is like the Dallas. defense for the MVP-caliber All-Star to deliver a stellar 30-point performance like he did in Game 2 (five 3s), wishing this team would face Golden State in the Western Finals starting in Wednesday. He is at home in front of the fans to whom he has devoted himself throughout his seven-year career.

As for Mavericks point guard Jalen Brunson, Booker was tasked with stopping him as Paul is on top of the perimeter against Doncic as Dallas’ primary ball handler. Similar to Doncic, Brunson is a skilled one-on-one player who effectively uses his stop-and-go jab steps then turbos out of the dribble, and gets inside on bigger defenders with his pump fakes to shoot fouls to get to the free throw double. He’s posting 17.8 points per game and is a solid defender helping trap and forcing Booker to form double teams as he attempts to dribble towards his sweet spot of pull from 15-18 feet.

Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks had success attacking the paint in Game 6. This will be crucial in Game 7.

The Dallas Mavericks bounced back in a major way in Game 6 after being confined to an abyssal outing by the Phoenix Suns in the previous game. With a Western Conference Finals appearance on the line, how each team approaches Game 7 will be crucial.

The results for the two teams were almost complete opposites in Games 5 and 6. The Mavericks couldn’t score, returned a lot, and couldn’t get stopped in Phoenix. Then it was the Suns who went through the same thing in Game 6 in Dallas with the chance to sideline the Mavericks.

There were a few apparent keys to the success of Game 6 for the Mavericks. Keeping turnovers to a minimum with just six was key to limiting the number of easy scoring opportunities for the Suns. Another key? Get into the paint to exploit the benefits.

“I think we played well. I think we missed a few lay-ups, especially me – I missed a few too,” Luka Doncic said after Game 6. “But no turnovers and attacking painting is the key to the game, and that’s what we did today.”

When the Mavericks suffered their third quarter slump in Game 5, a big reason was their inability to get to the edge in the half court. Doncic had to work hard for difficult shots and the attack stagnated.

The Mavericks enjoyed plenty of success as Game 6 developed with Doncic attacking the rim. Early on, he had close-range opportunities at the rim that didn’t go down. With Dwight Powell at five, it’s easier for the Suns to keep Ayton more able to make an impact in the paint.

Powell created a few advantageous situations for Doncic by filtering out the tall defender after Doncic turned the corner to go down – also known as Gortat. Continuing to get creative with getting the defender to work on the ball while neutralizing the shot blocker always helps.

“I thought he was aggressive and attacking the rim,” Mavericks coach Jason Kidd said of Doncic’s Game 6 performance. he had great looks that just didn’t fall in love with him but i thought the most important thing was his maturity he may have been frustrated but he didn’t let it get him down.

“He kept running and attacking. And then when he got a crowd, he came down and the guys landed punches.”

Using a traditional Powell high ball screen will likely require Doncic to be aggressive to score. The Suns don’t want to send help into the corners if they don’t need it and with Bridges and Ayton involved in the game, they probably think they shouldn’t have to either. These are situations for a float instead of looking for chances to fold.

One of the factors in Doncic’s success in reaching the rim was that Ayton had to respect Maxi Kleber’s ground spacing when playing fifth – creating opportunities for Doncic to do what he does best.

The Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks face off for Game 7 of their second-round playoff series on Sunday night in Arizona, and for the game both teams updated their injury reports at 1:30 a.m. EST. .

The Suns will be without Dario Saric and the Mavs without Tim Hardaway Jr.

Neither player has played in the series, so both teams remain with a clean injury report for the game so far.

The winner of the series will advance to the Western Conference to face the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6 of their second-round playoff series, so they’ve been waiting to see who wins that series.

The Suns are the No. 1 seed, so if they move on, they’ll have home-court advantage in the next round.

However, the Warriros are the third seed, while the Mavs are the fourth seed, so the Warriors would have the home court advantage over the Mavs in the next round.