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HS Boys Soccer: Officials apparently play favorites

THE WOODLANDS, TX — College Park and Conroe faced off in bad weather in a double-header at Woodforest Stadium. With temperatures in the lower 50s and getting colder and colder, there was nothing colder than the refs. Beyond the apparent terrible calls and no calls, it looked like they had blinders on the entire game. They’re usually not a huge factor in these kinds of games, but this time it was obvious to this reporter that they wanted the game to continue, uninterrupted, resulting in an early end so they could go home.

Many calls were missed including three to four handballs near the goal. Many pushes and stumbles were missed and play continued as players paused to see if anything was going to happen. Conroe was on the better end of the calls, getting away with a few no-calls. College Park, however, missed some crucial calls inside the box and near goal. It could have changed the outcome of the match, but it is difficult to predict how the refereeing would affect the match.

College Park takes the loss to Conroe on penalties. Do officials affect the game? Do they intentionally launch games in order to leave earlier?