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“I studied some of his stuff”

Adam Cole is cutting some of the best promos right now, not just in WWE but in all of professional wrestling. Would it surprise you that he drew inspiration from video games for some of these promotions?

The former NXT champion recently spoke with Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful to discuss various topics. When the topic of video games was brought up, Cole revealed that he had studied the character, Handsome Jack, from Borderlands to find inspiration for his character that you see on WWE NXT.

“I can’t tell you how many ideas I had for promos or literally video game villains,” revealed Adam Cole. “There’s so much content with so much creative content, and just different stories being told, you can do anything in a video game world. So like there’s this character. Handsome Jack from Borderlands, who is like my all-time favorite, he’s the most arrogant and arrogant video game villain of all time, and I literally, it’s crazy to say that because he’s a game character. video, but I’ve studied some of his stuff before it’s just amazing. know what I’m talking about; he’s amazing. “

Adam Cole on the connection between video games and professional wrestling

Adam Cole also admits that there are a lot of crossovers between video games and professional wrestling because there are a lot of people who are fans of both. He also noted how popular video games are among wrestlers themselves.

“That’s right, that connection is – it’s crazy,” said Adam Cole. “Plus, if you just look at the fan base for what it is. There are so many people who love video games who also love pro wrestling. And then it makes sense, like you said. , there are a ton of pro wrestlers out there who really enjoy video games and not just from a content creator’s perspective, from a video production perspective, but artistically as well. “

Are you surprised to learn that Adam Cole drew inspiration from video games for his professional wrestler character? Is the connection between video games and wrestling any closer than you think? Let us know your thoughts by having your say in the comments section below.

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