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Industry warns booming New Zealand video game industry will soon be stifled without support

While applauding New Zealand’s success so far, Managing Director Dean Hall describes our industry as “a fraction” of what it could be.

“The video game industry has gone largely with little success here and there and I think this may become proof that video games don’t need help.”

The cinema is a big aid industry, with Amazon being eligible for more than $ 100 million in taxpayer grants after producing a season of the Lord of the Rings on our coasts.

“It’s not really about giving stuff to the video game industry. It’s about leveling the playing field between Hollywood and the situation in Australia,” says Hall.

And while Amazon has now moved production to the Lord of the Rings from New Zealand to the UK, Hall argues that the next Middle-earth could be virtual and the next Tolkien a Kiwi.

“This is our chance to write what it is. Studios that are really good creatively own their intellectual property and keep it in the country. And that means it’s ours and we tax it. and that it belongs to us. ”

And advocates argue that the benefits of growing our gaming industry aren’t just material, as the industry’s environmental footprint is comparatively small.

“Gaming is precisely the type of industry the government wants to support. Our products do not need to be dug into the ground; they are fully sustainable, ”says Rapp.

However, despite his success, Rapp acknowledges that the gaming industry still struggles with stereotypes.

“A lot of people usually think of this very archaic view of someone playing games like the guy in his basement in the dark,

“It’s so archaic. The average player these days is around 35. Almost half of them are women.”

And Kiwi games now generate not only money, but also mana. Umurangi Generation, a tikanga-infused title set in a futuristic Tauranga, recently won first prize at the Independent Games Festival, one of video game‘s most prestigious artistic awards.

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