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Is Anacrusis multiplatform / crossplay?

The Anacrusis is a four-player co-op shooter in the same vein as Left 4 Dead or Back 4 Blood, but with a sci-fi twist. Considering the game’s emphasis on multiplayer, this is almost certainly the kind of game you’ll want to play with friends. Fortunately, regardless of which consoles you or your co-op partners choose the game for, you will be able to play with each other through cross play.

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Developer Stray Bombay Confirmed On The Anacrusis’ official site that the game will support cross-play at launch on all available versions of the game, whether you are playing on Steam, Xbox, Epic Games Store, or Windows. In one developer blog Released in December 2021, Stray Bombay offered a little insight into how cross-play works. It looks like you just need to enter a code to join an online lobby, similar to other online games, such as Among Us.

If you don’t have a party to play The Anacrusis with, the cross-platform feature should at least help reduce the time spent in matchmaking queues, as the game will have more players. to fill the matchmaking lobbies. The Anacrusis will also have built-in voice chat, ensuring that whether you’re playing with friends or with random people, you’ll be able to communicate with players on various platforms without the need for third-party apps, such as Discord or Skype.

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