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Is Elden Ring multiplayer? How to play with friends

(Pocket-lint) – Elden Ring is a brilliant game, and it lets you play in lots of ways, including the ability to play with friends or strangers online, but the system for doing so isn’t entirely straightforward .

Where other games would have simple prompts and menus, Elden Ring is more than a little different. Here are all the details on how you can play with other people online.

How Elden Ring Multiplayer Works

In Elden Ring, multiplayer works through summoning signs – marks you can leave on the ground in-game or find left for you. However, you can only see them if you use an item called Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

These signs allow you to be summoned by other players, or to summon them yourself. You can summon up to two allies to your deck, but this also opens the door for you to be invaded by hostile players, in return.

The players you summon will accompany you until you or they die, or until you defeat a boss together – they’re meant to help you through tough times, rather than being constant companions.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Items

In practice, getting into all of this means that you need a few in-game items to access various multiplayer items in Elden Ring. We’ll walk through them below.

Remedy for furlcalling finger: This item, which you can purchase as a recipe to craft from the Kale merchant near the start of the game, allows you to see other players’ summon signs on the gold ground and interact with them to summon the players in question. The item is consumed when you successfully summon someone.

Tarnished finger: This item allows you to leave your own summon sign on the ground, to be summoned by players who encounter it if they wish. It can be used endlessly without being consumed.

Small Golden Effigy: This sends a bunch of your summon signs to different pools to allow players to summon you from a wider range of locations, if you don’t mind where you help. It also has endless uses.

Finger cutter: This item lets you exit a player’s game after being summoned, or get rid of those you’ve summoned yourself. It has endless uses.

Duelist’s Wrapped Finger / Challenger’s Finger: This places your summon sign on the ground. Instead of helping them, you will come to attempt to duel with the player who summons you, whom they will invite. It has endless uses.

Purulent bloody finger: This makes you attempt to invade another player’s game, one that currently has their own summoned companions. Your goal is to kill them. Simple Bloody Finger has endless uses, while Festering Bloody Fingers are consumable.

How do summon panels work in Elden Ring?

There are different types of summoning signs to be aware of in Elden Ring. The most common is a simple golden sign, which resembles the white messages except for its color. Using one of these will allow you to summon a co-op partner to help you out.

If you’re in the same multiplayer party as a player or have a matching password, you’ll see their sign surrounded by a gold ring to make it stand out more.

There are also red summon panels that will summon an aggressive player looking to fight you – these come in handy if you want to play PvP or practice your skills.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Passwords

If you want to play with a specific friend, Elden Ring has a system that allows you to be closer to who can see your summon signs – passwords.

In the multiplayer menu, you can set two types of passwords, and we’ll explain each one below.

Multiplayer password: Setting this password to the same as your friends will ensure that you only see summon signs from those that match it, making it easier to find your friends in the game.

Multiplayer party password: This type of password is more loose – it allows you to join associations so that other players who match your group password have priority in the game world. This means that you will be more likely to see their messages, ghosts, bloodstains and summoning signs.

Does Elden Ring have crossplay?

If you try to play with your friends on different platforms, you might wonder if it’s even possible, and unfortunately the answer is that it’s not.

Elden Ring does not have full crossplay, although it does have generational cosplay within ecosystems.

This means Xbox Series X/S owners can play alongside Xbox One owners, and the same goes for PS5 and PS4 owners. PC gamers are in their own slice, meanwhile.

So if you’re trying to connect with a friend who’s on another system, that might explain why you’re out of luck. We wouldn’t expect that to change either, although it would be a pleasant surprise if it did.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.