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iSoftBet-Betsson and Megaways Money Box

ISoftBet Director of Business Strategy Michael Probert and Betsson Group Head of Games Paul Malt discuss the recent collaborative launch of Piggy Bank Megaways.

How did this collaboration come about?

iSoftBet’s Michel Probert: Betsson has been a long-standing customer for many years. They have a multi-brand strategy and are constantly on the lookout for differentiated content that can be delivered to specific markets and player types, making them the perfect company to collaborate with on a personalized gaming project like this. So, as a trusted partner, we were delighted to have the opportunity to work together.

We complement each other very well, with Betsson having previous experience in game development which of course is our core business and part of our vision – to place brands and their players at the heart of everything we do. Betsson is keenly aware of what his audience is, what he wants and how he behaves, while we have the expertise to tailor any experience to a client’s specific needs. Both brands are well versed in designing high quality products, which allows us to form a perfect partnership.

by Betsson Paul Malt: This is not the first time that we have collaborated with iSoftBet on an early release exclusive, and we have had a strong relationship with the brand for many years. We have been very selective with these collaborative projects to ensure they appeal to our target audience, resulting in successful exclusive launches for Euphoria, Western Gold Megaways and Aztec gold megaways. Exclusive game releases are proven to generate enthusiasm among target audiences and provide additional momentum. The next obvious step, then, was to create something bespoke that met our requirements for even wider appeal.

Our brands share many fundamental values, which made it possible to launch an effective multi-brand strategy for this release. The main goal was to create a product that is unique to our requirements and we both delivered on it.

How important are custom games to the industry now?

Probert: We have seen an explosion of custom games in recent years. Likewise, we noticed that many of these so-called “customizations” were just a simple change of logo or symbol, so we decided to take the template a step further by allowing operators to work with it. us on all elements of our quality games. This includes mechanics, gameplay, design, animation, and sound, all of which can be tweaked with the goal of creating something fundamentally different and unique for gamers. Personalization is commercially available, but not to the high standards we set for ourselves.

What unique characteristics, development techniques and flavors do both parties bring?

Malt: iSoftBet brings rich experience, solid game concepts and proven mathematical models to deliver high-quality gaming experiences that resonate with gamers, while we bring market data, crucial insights into player behavior, and players. performance indicators. Together we have produced a really enjoyable and very playable game.

Probert: iSoftBet and Betsson are constantly innovating and seeking to create new entertainment products from proven mathematical models. Our custom game model is the perfect vehicle for building new dynamics using a proven theme, proven math, great gameplay, and features players love, along with a theme they’ve got. also showed great affinity.

This has great advantages for both parties. We work and co-create with a leading brand and like-minded partner like Betsson, while having greater control over time and their content portfolio, instead of depending on vendors to deliver. We can also co-produce the title without the need for an external development team, while Betsson can focus on marketing the game and take a more detailed approach to innovation in areas like design and animation.

What was the thought behind this theme and the mechanism and what unique characteristics does it have that you cannot find anywhere else?

Malt: We wanted to create a game based on a proven mathematical model, with an instantly recognizable look and feel. In 2015, we released a series of exclusive games called “Betsson Classics”, which still perform very well to this day. So we decided to take the classic “Piggy Bank” slot machine and update it with new graphics and action-packed game mechanics.

Updating one of our most successful games of all time using an established theme, while adding Megaways to a proven mathematical model to attract a larger audience, has given Piggy Bank a new lease of life and we we are hopeful that this will go far.

How did the co-development / production process go compared to the way you usually work?

Probert: It’s been a lot of fun, but just as difficult due to Betsson’s legacy of game development and level of expertise – they challenge us to really push the boundaries, but that’s exactly what we enjoy and demand from our own teams. Applying our proven mathematical model of Western Gold Megaways as the foundation of Piggy Bank, this resulted in one of our most successful and rewarding projects to date.

Betsson has high standards and knows exactly what he wants, but we are confident in our own ability to create and deliver a compelling, high quality product to the market. Unlike other vendors, we offer a full service which includes logo design and full customization. There has to be a value that appeals to both operators and gamers, and the resulting game has to bring something new and exciting to gamers with a unique style and feel.

What have you learned from this process that you will take with you and use when developing other content?

Probert: We have a proven track record of working with brands on custom game projects, but this was our first in Europe and arguably our toughest, due to the high standards we set ourselves and Betsson expects. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that we know we’re at the top of our game and have the best talent and technology at our disposal to drive many other custom gaming projects forward.

We can serve many operators who have multi-brand strategies, in several markets. By using iSoftBet as a trusted partner to create content tailored to their players, we now know we can co-author on much more localized and market specific content.

This collaboration fits perfectly with your brand’s values ​​of player-centricity, passion, curiosity and respect. Was this a deliberate strategy?

Probert: Earlier this year, we revised our brand manifesto with a vision to create amazing gaming experiences and ensure that our customers, teams and the players who play our games are at the heart of what we do. We try to apply these values ​​when creating custom games, especially passion. Piggy Bank Megaways is six months of passion for slots, curiosity about how we can take this game to the next level and meeting our partner’s demands. This resulted in an amazing game with a fantastic user experience.

How do you plan to market this collaboration, are you using new methods, tactics, and will you have a tournament or promotion around it this summer?

Malt: We are running a game of the month campaign, where all brands participate in multiple marketing activities. Each region offers its strongest types of promotion, including tournaments, free spins, and cross-sells to other verticals, all designed to maximize exposure and boost player activity.

Having said that, we are planning a 15-game iSoftBet tournament this summer, of which Piggy Bank Megaways will be one, so there will be plenty of activities to boost the early success of this product and we are sure players will absolutely love it.

Is this something you plan to do again? If so, what would you keep and what would you change and what can we look forward to?

Malt: In all fairness, we’d be keeping almost everything, so much so that we’re already discussing game number two. It’s too early in the process to give anything away, but watch this space for more information on the project!

Probert: Absolutely. As Paul says, we are constantly delivering a variety of entertainment experiences with our partners. Each customer has their own tastes, needs and playing behaviors. Developing a custom game means we invest time and resources to ensure we deliver products that go beyond our customers’ expectations.