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It’s harder than ever to be a Castlevania or Silent Hill fan today

While fans are hoping for a new Castlevania or Silent Hill game, Konami’s recent focus on the two franchises has frustrated them.

Last year marked the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania franchise, one of the most enduring video game series released by Konami. However, as Solid metal gear and silent Hill prior to that, Konami’s business strategy has shifted to other priorities in recent years, rather than pursuing its fan-favorite franchises with new video games. And to add salt to the metaphorical wounds as fans have waited years for popular franchises to continue, Konami has publicly changed its strategy to Castlevania and silent Hill to focus obviously on licensing and merchandising rather than game development.

Konami kicked off 2022 by announcing it commemorates Castlevaniaby releasing a licensed NFT collection capturing iconic moments from the video game series, although the terms of sale still mention Konami as the rights holder for the images purchased. Castlevania fans weren’t happy with the announcement, to put it mildly, publicly airing their grievances online and claiming the NFT auction was a deceptive way to mark the anniversary and celebrate the anniversary with fans of franchise. Although Konami is far from being the only or the first major game developer to get involved in the NFT market, the Castlevania The auction marks the latest disappointment among Konami fans with its business strategy.

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In 2020, online speculation grew that Konami was planning to work with outside developer Bloober Team to create a new silent Hill Game. The Bloober team clarified that their partnership was not a silent Hill title but a completely different project while Konami instead released a licensed line of silent Hill-branded skateboards leaving fans disappointed once again. 2022 marks a full decade since a new silent Hill the game is out, with the 2012 Silent Hill: The Book of Memories as the last title of the franchise. During this time, Castlevania Likewise has undergone a long hiatus from new console games, the most recent being that of 2014 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

For its part, Konami announced in 2015 that it would focus on mobile games, believing this platform to be the future of the gaming industry, while assuring fans that it was not completely abandoning the games. console games. In addition to mobile games, Konami continues to license merchandising for its most recognizable brands while also diversifying its business interests into collectible card games, pachinko machines and a range of casinos around the world.

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The cover of the original Castlevania

There is a bright side for fans hoping Konami’s biggest video game properties have a future beyond NFTs and branded products. In 2021, Konami carried the mobile game Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls to Apple Arcade reflecting a strategy with its similar mobile game Against returns earlier in the year. Reports have surfaced that outside developer Virtuos is working with Konami on an improved remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater although there are still few words, if any, that Castlevania Where silent Hill will receive similar treatment beyond Castlevaniathe mobile port of.

Konami has not completely forgotten the Castlevania franchise, releasing the Castlevania Advanced Collection in September 2021, to critical acclaim, but fans are hungry for something new, no matter how enjoyable the compilations of past games may be. the Castlevania The NFT auction news was the wrong announcement at the wrong time, serving primarily to fuel fan perception that Konami is neglecting its greatest video game properties rather than continuing to develop its legacy. This year marking a full decade since Konami apparently paid close attention to silent Hill, it is unlikely that this perception will diminish anytime soon.

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