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Japan to open first esports high school in spring

High school just got a lot more interesting.

Japan welcomes its very first Esports high school, named Esports Koutou Gakuin, in April, with his official site now operational with many photos of the interior of the building.

Like Kotaku reports that the school will be located in Shibuya and will be funded by the esports team of the Japanese telecommunications company NTT, as well as that of the Japanese football club Tokyo Verdy. Kids shouldn’t expect your average teachers either, as professional esports players, NTT and Tokyo Verdy members will be the school staff.

Students will compete and learn on 40 Galleria XA7C-R37 gaming PCs with an Intel Core i7-11700 processor, as well as Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics cards. They will play first person shooters, shooters third-person, real-time strategy and multiplayer online combat arena games. And to get a better idea of ​​how things are going to work out, the school’s first open house will start in January.

Of course, not everything is just fun and playful, as students will also be responsible for learning the standard Japanese high school curriculum in addition to esports. Still, most students will be ready to embrace careers as esports professionals, streamers, VR creators, programmers, game authors, and game designers.

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