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ORLANDO, Florida, September 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – JRR Token is a relatively new cryptocurrency (public launch August 9e, 2021) which has already made global headlines and with their new online gaming announcement, it looks like they’re here to stay. September 9e they have announced their intention to release an online card game in early 2022, the game is called “Dawn Rising”, a collectible PvP fighting card game. Players will be able to bet JRR Token Cryptocurrency if they wish before a match and will be able to use special Dawn Rising NFT cards.

The goal of JRR is the integration between online gaming, in-game use of cryptocurrency, and NFT functionality, which will be HUGE for online gamers and investors. JRR Token has already released its first NFT collection, which is listed on, the proceeds of which will be distributed as follows, 25% to The Tolkien Society (an educational charity) and 75% to JRR for marketing and future development. .

Along with the announcement of “Dawn Rising” a token audit was performed by Rug Free Coins (the full audit can be found here JRR Token has been tagged as “Low Risk” the highest score that a token can receive with regard to the transparency of the token contract and the investment risk.

September 17e is also launching the “Dawn Rising” art competition, where artists are invited to submit artwork for a specific character to be featured in the game. The winner will have their work immortalized in the game and will also win $ 300.

Overall, the crypto community and fans have embraced JRR Token, creating a community where lore enthusiasts can feel right at home and have fun. If you are a fan of the lore, your knowledge could earn you some big wins on the trivia games which are hosted 3 days a week on their Telegram channel.

A dive into JRR’s Tokenomics:

3% to shareholders, each buy and sell is paid among JRR token holders in reflection. In short, the longer you hold, the more chips you earn.

3% added to the liquidity pool, the contract accumulates tokens on purchases / sales then adds them to the liquidity pool to create a solid floor price and increase token stability for the benefit of all!

3% added to charity / marketing portfolio: A portion of this portfolio will be donated to deserving charities. All information will be made visible to the community. This portfolio will also be used to engage in marketing campaigns designed to generate additional investment and exposure. Any funds withdrawn from this wallet will be publicly announced prior to doing so.

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