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Launch of the new video game My Hero Academia

A new my hero academia the game is out now and available with the release of My Hero Ultra Impact this week. The game featuring everyone’s favorites from Izuku Midoriya to All Might and more was previously only available in Japan following an October 2020 announcement, but has now been released elsewhere for devices. mobile, including Android and iOS platforms. The game is free to play, but as you would expect from any mobile game or really any free game these days, there are of course optional purchases to be made within.

Also expected as it is a my hero academia Game, My Hero Ultra Impact largely focuses on combat with players taking part in 3v3 battles revolving around characters’ unique quirks. These Quirks are activated during battle and can be chained together with players able to train their favorite fighters to further develop their abilities. A trailer released this week alongside the wider debut of the game itself can be seen below to give an idea of ​​what My Hero Ultra Impact consists of.

Like the tweet mentioned above, the game also followed the mobile gaming strategy of accumulating pre-registrations and generating interest in different posts etc. with promised in-game rewards based on the number of players who participated. to these promotions. The game features a number of different currencies and resources used to train characters and other things, so if you’ve already shown interest in the game to help with these community goals or start playing early to take advantage of promotional opportunities, chances are you’ll start with a few extras that others who start later may not have.

For those who watched the anime series and want to see some of their favorite moments recreated in-game, you’re in luck. In addition to the expected battles, My Hero Ultra Impact features a story mode option that follows the story of Midoriya. It’s supposed to include “familiar and memorable scenes” from the anime throughout.

If you are into the idea of ​​the new My Hero Ultra Impact game, you can download it now for free on mobile devices. To keep up with events, giveaways, and related content, be sure to keep an eye on the game’s social media.