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Leaker Teases New GTA Online Content Coming Soon

A GTA Online leaker reveals new content is on the way, but remains vague as to what that content might be, sending the internet into speculation.

grand theft auto online is the multiplayer expansion for Auto grand theft 5, and since its first release in 2013, it has dramatically changed the landscape of Los Santos and San Andreas. While some players found the inclusion of things like flying cars and orbital strikes to break away from the traditional Grand Theft Auto realism, many gamers still choose the latest satirical open-world action titles from Rockstar. Even in 2022, Auto grand theft 5 topped the sales charts.


With the release of next-generation versions of Auto grand theft 5, it looks like more people will be logging into the game and its online mode. To keep players interested grand theft auto online, even as the game approaches nine years since its launch, Rockstar has still been granting free content updates to players. Occasionally, these updates introduce new modes to play or new missions to undertake in the world, such as the Heists update and the most recent contract expansion.

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With GTA 6 probably on the way, however, some fans speculated that Rockstar might recall its updates for grand theft auto online. However, according to a recent leak, new content is on the way. grand theft auto online. A leaker on Twitter shared that “something new to change” will make its way to Grand Theft Auto In line in the next two weeks or so. While this news didn’t give any real details on what fans can expect in the coming weeks, there has been a lot of speculation online.

Whereas in the Contracts extension grand theft auto online not only managed to bring Franklin back, but also made an appearance by Dr. Dre, it looks like the game could give fans almost anything at this point. Some are ambitious in their guesses about what Rockstar might include, as they believe a map expansion might be on the way for grand theft auto online. Others are less excited about the purported update, thinking it might remove Adversary Mode and other fun elements from the game.

There were a few comments on the leaker’s Twitter post that seemed even bolder than redesigning the map. A fan said that grand theft auto online could use the Deluxo – which is a car inspired by the DeLorean found in Back to the future – to give players a time travel experience, even going as far as Red Dead Redemption period of time.

grand theft auto online is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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