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Leffen’s Massive Guilty Gear Strive Online Major

TSM FTX Leffen hosted The Big LEVO last weekend, bringing together nearly 2,000 Guilty Gear players in a massive online tournament. The event had standard and “beginner / hobbyist” installments for Europe and North America. While most people consider Leffen a Smash champion, Strive isn’t his first foray into more traditional fighters. As he ventures into Guilty Gear Strive, he has held weekly tournaments leading up to the occasion.


With the help of legendary commentary duo Tasty Steve & Sajam, Leffen’s event has achieved questionable status as an online major. The Amateur Ladders hosted contestants who were still learning the ropes of Strive, while the Main Brackets featured some of the highest caliber Guilty Gear players from each region.

Running throughout the day of July 3, The Big LEVO had a prize pool of over $ 1,000 spread among the top eight placements in each region. As most of the community plays on the PC version of Strive, the tournament was held exclusively on Steam. The amateur and main format allowed players to enter both if they wanted. Some exceptions depended on player online rankings and main event performance.

The top four players from each bracket played in a unique format of the top seven. This is different from the usual best of three or five match formats seen in other games. As organizers learn more about the pace of Strive matches, Leffen experimented with this format and gave viewers even more Guilty Gear action.


The results of the Big LEVO EU. Source: TSM FTX Leffen

As the first installment of the day, Europe kicked off the event with a bang with 473 entrants between the amateur and main tournaments. Although not streaming, the amateur group was won by Fil, with a second place by Shaddy.

TLR Mystic took first place in the European main event with Axl, followed by GunFrame’s AnBi placing second with Sol. After a bracket reset by Mystic on the losing side, he won 4-1 over AnBi to close the tournament.


The big LEVO NA
The results of the Big LEVO NA. Source: TSM FTX Leffen

After Europe, the North American tournaments started at Big LEVO. These brackets gathered a gigantic crowd of 1,290 players between each event. DeadlyHound took first place in the amateur category on Safe as this event alone had 366 participants.

The final installment of the evening saw 999 North American players compete in the online arena. Familiar names like Punk and HookGangGod topped the event, while the grand finale went to Evil Geniuses’ SonicFox against former Evo Champion Guilty Gear DEB. Looking confident in another fighting game, SonicFox took first place over DEB in a 4-2 win to win The Big LEVO NA.


Strive’s roster always has players exploring and learning. Source: ArcSystemWorks

As another first installment of Strive wraps up, players are still trying to figure out the meta of the new title. While characters like Sol and Ramlethal captivate the eyes of high-profile enthusiasts, the variety of characters appearing in online tournaments gives spectators something to be excited about.

With esports organizations like CLG and Panda hosting their own events for the game, all eyes are on this fighting games summer. The hype behind The Big LEVO will surely be visible for other Guilty Gear events in the future, especially as offline tournaments resume soon.


Image courtesy of TSM FTX Leffen

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