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Lord Of The Rings Online Adds Two New Servers For VIP Members

Lord of the Rings Online has introduced two new servers, and they have the best and most appropriate names. The new servers are called Shadowfax and Treebeard, while developer Standing Stone Games is rolling out new difficulty options as well. All of this is exclusive to VIP subscribers, so free-to-play users need to upgrade to get started.

The Shadowfax server – named after the iconic Middle-earth horse that runs like the wind – allows you to progress faster by offering + 50% XP, legendary XP and mount items, as well as + 20% virtue XP. The Treebeard server – named after the very slow and deliberate Ent – is a slower paced offering with -60% reduced XP.

Additionally, these new servers include a landscape difficulty option that allows players to choose the difficulty or ease of the experience. You can visit Berthdan near the Prancing Pony in West Bree to choose between normal and deadly +6. The higher the difficulty, the more difficult the enemies will become. You can change the difficulty level at any time by speaking with Berthdan, but there are rewards for sticking with it.

“If you start on a higher difficulty level before reaching level 11 and stick with a high difficulty level, you will be rewarded for reaching levels 50 and 130,” developer Standing Stone Games said. .

Additionally, players can earn new titles based on the new difficulty options. You will get two titles for reaching levels 50 and 130 on Hard + and two more if you reach the same levels on Deadly +. “You MUST activate the desired difficulty before reaching level 11, and maintain that difficulty or higher until you obtain your title. An act can be found in the game to track your progress,” the developer said.

Lord of the Rings Online has also added new “Eye of Sauron” effects intended to simulate the harsh reality of what happens when the big eye sees you.

“Once the Eye of Sauron is on you, your progress will be hampered by several random effects for about a minute or so. Players will receive a boost to XP and Virtue XP for racing on higher difficulties, from + 10% XP up to + 20% XP and + 1% up to + 5% Virtue XP, ”Standing Stone said.

Visit the Lord of the Rings website for more information.

Lord of the Rings Online has been running continuously since 2007, although development has changed hands from Turbine to Standing Stone Games. It was supposed to have a major competitor to Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO, but that game was canceled.

In 2022, the parent company behind The Lord of the Rings Online revealed that the game will head to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S in 2022 with a major graphics upgrade.

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