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M0x Launches M0xchain Hackathon 2022 to Boost Crypto and NFT Game Development

The protocol that allows seamless integration of blockchain into any gaming project wants to reward talented and innovative developers

M0xchain Hackathon 2022 Logo

M0xchain Hackathon 2022 Logo

M0xchain Hackathon 2022 Logo

LEWES, Delaware, Jan. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world has seen the growth of blockchain-based technology solutions as the market capitalization of digital assets surpassed $2 trillion. Terms such as Defi (decentralized finance), metaverse and NFT (non-fungible tokens) have gradually made the world accept the idea that digital assets can have real utility and value – or even that nowadays the distinction between these two worlds no longer makes sense.

One of the pillars of this change is the gaming industry, with the frequent presence of economic mechanisms in games where users around the world exchange, buy and earn coins, clothes, objects, powers or characteristics. for their avatars. The integration of these mechanisms in the blockchain is already real and expanding. This is the goal of M0xchain: to enable seamless integration of the traditional gaming industry with blockchain, NFTs and the crypto-economy. M0x encapsulates all the complexity and dynamics of the blockchain, so game developers can focus on their game and leave the decentralization and token economy to m0x.

M0xChain is a native blockchain protocol built from the ground up to meet the unique needs of the gaming industry: fully customizable, super-fast, and with free transactions, it makes it easy for any studio to bring things of blockchain – NFT, play to win, in-game currencies, etc.

“M0x will revolutionize the gaming industry. It gives any developer, from behemoths and legendary studios to indie heroes around the world, the power to bring their existing and future games to the blockchain. It energizes the way games interact with players – and how everyone makes money in this game,” says Fabio Alves Moura, an experienced Blockchain lawyer based in Switzerland and one of the co-founders of M0x.

Hackathon M0xchain 2022

The free virtual event taking place on February 18 is an initiative by M0x to find and encourage developers and studios around the world to create innovative projects by integrating games into their blockchain solution sets.

Attendees will have the chance to interact with top professionals from the global consortium of companies collaborating on the development of M0xchain. Educational Lives will feature simple tutorials ranging from creating NFTs to implementing them in real game projects on some of the most popular game engine platforms like Unity 3D and others.

The best projects in the categories “Game Development“, “NFTs & Design” and “New Economy Models” will be rewarded with a generous prize. Winners will be enshrined in the M0xchain Hall of Fame, with their brand and name featured in M0xchain advertising, events, and presentations, with a strong chance of participating in the M0x Metaverse Council.

M0xchain Hackathon 2022 is free to participate. To register, interested parties should go to

You can learn more about us by visiting If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] Visit us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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