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Man buys PlayStation 5 (PS5) online and receives bag of rice

Job reddit It was first greeted with good humor, with one user writing: ‘At least we won’t run out of rice for Christmas’, but Jouislones said Amazon He demanded to reload the rice to guarantee reimbursement of the money he had paid for the console. Another user took the joke further and created a discussion thread: “I bought a bag of rice and got a PlayStation 5”. However, the victim commented that Christmas was marred by the exchange of goods.

When the PlayStation 5 launched, cases were more popular, and people received boxes of cat food, air fryers, and the same bags of rice instead of their consoles, which were also purchased from Amazon. In November 2020, a woman from Oxfordshire, UK, filmed a driver from the UK using her security camera. The video game that would be a birthday present for their son was allegedly stolen by the same company. At the time, the store said it would investigate the case.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Xbox X There has been a shortage of supply in stores due to a shortage of chips, due to the difficulty of manufacturing during the pandemic. Bots often get the few units of video games that arrive in stores or are bought by users looking to resell them for higher prices. according to Sony e Microsoft, a Console shortages expected to continue until 2022because there is no production estimate to meet demand.

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