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Minecraft Monopoly Board looks real enough to buy

A fan-made Minecraft version of Monopoly brings the survival title to life, replacing properties with biomes and swapping prison for The Nether.

an artistic Minecraft fan created a custom Monopoly board based on Mojang’s hit survival sandbox game. The beloved economy-themed board game, which forces players to aggressively buy up goods to bankrupt other players, has become synonymous with addictive, highly competitive board games. There are many different versions of the board game, such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons Monopolywhich are themed around various movie and video game properties.

The massive success of Monopoly has led to many different themed editions, although the basic rules of the game tend to remain the same. Players roll the dice in order to move their chosen unique pieces a set number of spaces around the board, and landing on an available property allows the player to purchase it. However, landing on someone else’s property requires the player to pay a fine, while landing on Chance or Community Chest can have positive or negative consequences. Alternative editions of Monopoly maintain these basic rules while changing some aspects, like player rooms and property names, to reflect the theme. For example, a fall guys edition of Monopoly will turn game pieces into battle royale platformer game characters.


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Combining two beloved game franchises, Reddit user Just_Sk1es created a custom Minecraft version of Monopoly. The unique council, dubbed Minecropolis, contains the most iconic objects and locations of the survival sandbox game. Purchasable properties are swapped with biomes like Desert and Lava Ocean, with Prison being replaced by the Nether Demonic Realm. The Community Chest deck of cards is appropriately replaced with a loot chest, and the entire board is designed to look like an iconic block from Minecraft dirt.

While Monopoly is perhaps the most popular board game in the world, other video games have received their own physical adaptations. Although the massively multiplayer online role-playing game was first released in 2001, a Runescape The tabletop and board game kickstarter has just been launched by Steamforged. The board game adaptation of the beloved MMORPG will allow up to five players to embark on a journey complete with quests, skill leveling and gear upgrades. While Runescape will not receive its own unique version of Monopolythe board game will bring fantasy adventure to life in an entirely new way.

Just_Sk1es’ Minecraft edition of Monopoly is extremely authentic, perfectly reflecting what a board game version based on Mojang’s survival sandbox economy might look like. Replacing the properties with the different biomes in the game is very fitting, and making the whole board look like a block of dirt is very creative. There are many alternate editions of Monopolyand Just_Sk1es’ Minecraft version could easily become an actual game.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: Just_Sk1es/Reddit

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