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The tech industry is facing tough challenges in 2021. The global shortage has affected many highly valued industry players. 2022 doesn’t really differ in terms of significant supply chain concerns. There are things going wrong in the world. Tech companies and games are known for their adaptability in particular. The cloud gaming industry has been led by several large companies with different models such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud Gaming delivers exceptional graphics performance without expensive hardware upgrades. Unlike PC gaming consoles, cloud gaming systems run software in remote data centers. Google is betting on the growth of cloud games as the next big industry to be the next big game.

Technology: Hardware moves from local game processing to cloud services and local interaction devices

The cloud gaming ecosystem also has a profound impact on gaming hardware. Moreover, huge advancements in technology have impacted the market. In this game, the hardware is changing, and the game processing hardware will be moved to the cloud and become a commercial service. Although the console industry dominates today, these types of hardware will most likely become less important when the technology moves to the cloud. The model resulting from these developments therefore evolves between product and service.

Content: A premium game portfolio will make cloud gaming relevant; the scale will make it dominant

Likewise with OTT providers such as Amazon Prime, Netflix is ​​crucial in attracting and retaining customers and maintaining its steady growth. The cloud gaming platform may also undergo similar changes. Game selection is seen as a critical aspect of any platform value proposition and will ultimately be either the engine of growth or the growth block of the platform itself. The research also showed that game portfolio, especially hit AAA games, is the key buy-to-buy criteria for cloud games.

Monetization: cloud gaming will introduce new ways to generate value

Cloud gaming is expected to augment gaming services globally, extending the lifecycle of a particular franchise. We also expect an overall increase in the number of players with the increase in accessibility offered by the cloud. However, if average ARPU sales fall across all sectors, the longer-term strategy will focus on game lifetime values. The rise of subscription models shows how unique and conventional sales combined with traditional purchases could eventually become much less important.

Game platforms

It requires an installable game CD or files on the PC/console to run an X-Box game. Cloud gaming is an online gaming platform that allows players to play games directly from your device or computer, such as 10 euros without deposit casinos. This concept resembles the Netflix – and OCS platforms. We could already visualize a world without computers or console hardware! It offers much more options than playing games on an online platform, video editing – 3D renders – video streaming and more.

Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass (xCloud)

Microsoft will launch the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer on November 29, 2020. It has also used games from third-party companies such as Forza Halo, Gear of War or independent game developers. XCloud is constantly updated with new games, which helps ensure strong user participation across all platforms.

PS Now – Sony

Sony’s PlayStation Online platform offers over 700 free games to watch and stream. Having a large user base and Sony’s gaming expertise has helped the company successfully migrate to Cloud Games seamlessly, allowing the cloud to be used as a platform for games. A service that has over 200,000 registered users, the company offers the PS4 catalog of games for free download on Xbox 360 consoles.

Nvidia GeForce now

Nvidia did not miss its chance without launching streaming platforms. The first beta version of GeForce Now was released in February 2020. GeForce is no longer a platform with a catalog of games like Luna, but rather offers a range of compatible games to a range in Steam, Epic Games, Gog’s and Uplay . Steam now integrates GeForce Now directly into its platform, allowing gamers to play on Nvidia servers from their Steam account with the click of a button.

Cloud gaming has grown in popularity, and the cloud gaming industry will soon become mainstream. Over a period of time, the gaming industry has seen a period of significant growth with an added boost following the COVID-19 pandemic. Although consumers will gradually return to the usual routine, they should be interested and engaged in these services for the foreseeable future.

The biggest change in cloud gaming?

Cloud Gaming is an innovative technological innovation, allowing users to play directly in the cloud without downloading a gaming device. Currently, most video games require the purchase or download of physical media on devices such as smartphones and laptops. tablets. Cloud Gaming combines cloud computing and mobile games with a cloud computing system. Players can play games through a variety of formats – similar to Netflix, Disney and others streaming services.

Game segments and state of play

In order to understand the gaming industry, we need to look at four gaming sectors that cloud gaming services and the gaming industry at large have attempted to address. Each segment of the industry requires technology, as well as companies for video game technology and operations.

Esports fans: fast and massive multiplayer game for spectators

Some of us understand the growth of online gaming competitions involving players competing for rank and prize. With an estimated market value of over a billion euros, esports are growing in popularity. While professional eSports gamers have thousands of amateur fans who equally participate and play board games, battle royales, multiplayer online battle arenas, shooters, fighters and digital versions traditional games. Essentially, eSports games involve social contact, friends chatting and using chat and audio headsets. Top esports games remain popular amid a wave of hype and confusion among fans.

Immersive gamers: realistic game worlds, grand narratives and online services

The immersive game has the most realistic graphics, and players enjoy physics and atmospheres that are often augmented by weather systems and dynamic lights. This game has sophisticated AI animating non-player characters – full-time residents of Gameworld – and these characters interact frequently, producing unexpected emergent behavior. A major AAA franchise title will require years of development as competition increases and demand increases. They attract celebrities looking for new ways to tell stories and new ways for them to reach millions.

Mobile Gamers: Largest Audiences, Easiest Games (So Far)

Mobile games currently account for more than half of the 139 billion video games worldwide and have grown by 10 percentage points. Mobile gaming is the main growth driver for the gaming industry, with over a billion users playing mobile apps. According to the Deloitte Digital Media Trends 2019 survey, mobile gaming is the most widely distributed game across all generations. Mobile games accounted for almost 70% of smartphone spending 14. The large and fragmented market for mobile games has demonstrated a high quality of gaming that has remained popular for years.

The non-gamer: the trailing slice beyond a mature global market

The challenge in this segment comes down to convincing existing gamers to believe that streaming is capable of beating downloads on consoles, laptops and tablets with better capabilities. Despite this, cloud services will help increase player participation by removing barriers to entry. This might explain why mobile gaming has gained prominence as people are more and more interested in playing videos and apps regardless of their smartphone usage in the world. We believe our gaming segment should consider using cloud gaming.