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Neverwinter and DnD Creators Discuss How Dragons Are Changing the Game

Table role play Dungeons & Dragons is more popular than ever today, and this popularity rubs off on Never winter, License D&D Massively multiplayer online role-playing game produced by Cryptic Studios. The two games are often mirrored and referenced, with Never winter change its mechanics to better adapt to the fifth edition while Dungeons & Dragons introduced the boss monster mechanic of Never winter in Mythical Odyssey of Theros.

Both games continue to grow and have recently released new dragon-themed updates. D&D sees the exit of Treasure of the Fizban Dragons, a collection of player options related to dragons, dragon lore, and ways for Dungeon Masters to incorporate dragons into their games. Meanwhile, Cryptic Studios launched Echoes of Prophecy, a series of three landmark updates that introduce the intrigue with the Cult of the Dragon and set the stage for next year’s new mod. To celebrate the release of the two by Fizban and Echoes of Prophecy, CBR sat down with Never winter Executive Producer Matt Powers, Never winter Chief Designer Randy Mosiondz and Dungeons & Dragons writer James Wyatt.

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A group of dragon cultists with the shadow of an undead dragon behind them.

What is Fizban’s Dragon Treasure?

James wyatt: It’s a book full of toys for gamers and dungeon masters to use to bring dragons to life in their games. Everything from the different ways a dragon somewhere in your story can impact the character you create, from Dragonborn races to subclasses related to dragons. There are ways to make a dragon encounter more interesting, ways to flesh out a dragon’s personality, a dragon’s lair map, and lots of new dragons that you can use in your game. we even go so far as to know how to structure a whole campaign around dragons.

As for Neverwinter, what can players expect in the second and third milestone updates of Echoes of Prophecy?

Randy Mosiondz: We are starting to develop the story. Elminster got wind of strange things with The Weave. And with a few strange figures, which he discovers, other dragon cultists arrive in the area, in search of arcane reagents and various pieces of lore. They go to places where players have fought dragons before and try to dig them up. They’re getting into more of the things old-school dragon cults did: resurrect dragons and turn them into dracoliches.

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Dungeons & Dragons Dragon Gem Sapphire

So is it a happy coincidence that the two companies are working on content featuring Dragons?

Matt Powers: We have a partnership with Wizards of the Coast. They will share things that are on the horizon and sometimes we find opportunities to align. Randy and I were watching how Wizards re-explore their portrayal of dragons in the world, and we thought that was a great opportunity for us as well. It’s such a powerful part of the fantasy. We really wanted to go back and reinvent our portrayal of dragons in the game. We’re trying to find scenarios that we’ve had in the past and bring that narrative to the fore now. It starts by picking up where we left off with dragon worship and having that narrative fit into what we’re doing early next year, where we’re going to be doing a lot more around dragons. Not just to talk about the dragons themselves, but all things around the dragon – the lairs, the hordes, all that.

Another interesting concept introduced by Fizban’s Treasure is that of Greatwyrms – What is a greatywyrm?

Wyatt: The central idea of ​​the great wyrm is just an ancient dragon transformed into 11. The story behind this is that sometimes an ancient dragon can begin to attach itself to itself or take the power of its echoes within itself. other worlds of the material plane. So, each dragon is connected to dragons from other worlds by mystical bonds of fate – hand-rippling things that aren’t really inexplicable. When a dragon begins to consolidate the power of all of these echoes into one form, it becomes a great wyrm. The great wyrm uses the mythical monster rules we introduced in Mythical Odyssey of Theros do a dragon fight which is really a boss fight.

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Make dragons in D&D Where Never winter must be built differently from other enemies?

Mosiondz: We have a dragon animation platform; it is a quadruped that has a tail, a head, wings, etc. Every part of this animation is potentially something that could be used in dragon attacks. Tail sweeps, breathing guns, bites, front claws, wings shaking people and even soaring into the air and doing strafing runs, these are all things we can do that just incorporate many elements that make them unique dragons. But they are also very intelligent. They are not just brute beasts. They can talk, many older ones can cast spells. Depending on the type of dragon we are looking for, some may even change shape. These are all aspects that we are looking at and exploring to see what we can incorporate into our dragon models to make them distinctive.

Wyatt: There are so many layers, the statistics block being the main thing, the starting point. There, we think about making sure he’s accurate to his challenge rating without being ridiculously complicated to run to the table. Then we add lair actions and regional effects, things that impact not only the dragon fight, but the whole adventure that leads there. And then there is the role-playing aspect, which a large part of the book is devoted to fleshing out. We help the dungeon master to play this dragon as a character at the table. Speaking of what Matt and Randy were talking about, he’s a smart monster with his own unique plans, plans, and tactics.

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D&D Fizban Dragons Treasure Cover

What is your favorite part of Echoes of Prophecy Where Fizban’s treasure?

Mosiondz: We’re taking a lot of inspiration from both the history of the Forgotten Realms and the new dragon content that’s coming out. I am a big guy from the tradition. I love the way we develop the tradition of dragons and try to make it part of the story to come. Just the fact that dragons receive this kind of special treatment and extend the tradition is what excites me.

Powers: I think the book reads very well when you think about this nature connected through the different realities. I thought it was a little hand wavy at first, but then I read it and realized it ties everything together really well. It works really well. From a mechanical standpoint, I think I’m most excited about the Lair and Treasure section. There are some new things in there that are really fun to explore, and I can’t wait to see if we can incorporate some of that into our game.

Wyatt: I have often said that the thing that excited me the most was hearing the stories people told me about what they had done with it once this book was in people’s hands. I’m excited just to hear what you talk about with the way you use it in Never winter, so thank you for this first taste of my joy in hearing this book return this book to me.

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