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New World players prevented from creating characters on crowded servers

The official New World Twitter recently announced that players will not be able to create new characters on crowded servers at this time.

Amazon Games Orange County players recently launched New world are prevented from creating new characters on overcrowded servers. New world is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players are tasked with colonizing Aeternum, a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. The game is currently enjoying great heights of popularity, perhaps foreshadowed by seeing over 190,000 concurrent players on the first day of from the new world beta closed last June.

However, the game didn’t come out without its fair share of issues. Originally slated for release in May 2020, the game was delayed until August 2021 due to challenges related to COVID. After receiving feedback from players participating in its beta, from the new world the release was once again delayed for a month. After fixing the bugs and tweaking the game, New world was released to fans on September 28, 2021. Just a week after the launch of Amazon Games’ first video game, gamers reported that from the new world high-end graphics caused graphics cards to malfunction. Now it looks like the popularity of the game is causing new problems.

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The official Twitter of New world recently announced that players will not be able to create new characters on already full servers. The ad explained that whenever a server is full, it will be greyed out with a message saying: “Character creation temporarily disabled on this server to avoid overcrowding.“He also mentioned that this new rule will not affect players with characters that have already been created on these servers. Those players will be able to log in without a problem. In the meantime, New worldThe Twitter account indicates that the development team is working to increase the number of servers and increase the capacity of those available. Players are encouraged to frequently check the game’s server status page for updates on the worlds list, as they change hourly.

It is not surprising that the servers of New world are at their current capacity. On the first day of its release, New world seen over half a million concurrent players, not counting players from the west coast of the United States – these servers were not established at that time. With so many players waiting to join the servers and play the game for the first time, it remains to be seen how Amazon Games will react beyond its temporary fixes.

Some updates may be in store for New World, given its problems with its servers. Once new players are allowed to create new characters on the servers again, the popularity of the game may continue to grow. New players will be able to design their characters as they wish, as long as their New world the characters are not called “Bezos” or “Amazon”.

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New world is available on PC through Steam and Amazon.

Source: New World / Twitter

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