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Nintendo 64’s Pokemon Snap is coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Pokemon Snap was notable enough to warrant a sequel on the Nintendo Switch, but many gamers may not have had a chance to play the original game. Don’t worry, for the Nintendo 64s Pokemon Snap fall soon!

As part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack deals, players can play the original, which was one of the first Pokemon fallout from the series with Pokemon Snap. This cult classic is available to download next week on June 24 and is a complete port of the original..

This game is often described as an on-rails shooter, as players are tasked with taking shots of various Generation I Pokémon in their natural habitats. Players are fixed on a literal rail as a pod rolls through landscapes of beaches, volcanoes, caves, and more. The goal is simply to take pictures of Pokemon, but with so many different creatures on each level of pokemon snap, you are bound to see new things with every run.

Players can interact with these Pokemon in limited ways, but doing so can result in catching some interesting behaviors. You can, for example, throw an apple at a Charmeleon, which will then fall into a lava pit and evolve into a Charizard. Consequently, in many ways, Pokemon Snap is a puzzle game in addition to its on-rails shooting gameplay. At the end of each round, the photos of the players are scored by Professor Oak. It’s your job to get the highest score while exploring all the island has to offer.

In 2021, Pokemon Snap received a long-awaited sequel with New Pokemon Snap, which has a lot more Pokémon and gameplay elements to spice things up. To reiterate, you can play and experience (or relive) the original Pokemon Snap on June 24, which debuted on the Nintendo 64. If you want to know what we think of the sequel, be sure to check out our review and plenty of guides!