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Nintendo Switch Online adds three more classic NES/SNES games

Nintendo Switch Online allows players to engage in competitive or cooperative play with people around the world in many current and upcoming games like Splaton 2, ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario The Aces of Tennis, Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

As a reminder, players will not automatically become members of Nintendo Switch Online when the service starts, so they will need to purchase an individual or family membership to avoid any interruption to their online play in compatible games. A seven-day free trial is also available on Nintendo eShop.

For the very first time, gamers will be able to enjoy NES games online. Depending on the game, players can engage in competitive or cooperative online multiplayer, or take turns taking control of the action. Friends can even watch each other play single-player games online and virtually “pass the controller” at any time.

In addition to all the benefits of a Nintendo Switch Online membership such as online play, access to a growing library of NES and Super NES games, and more, Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members can play some titles like Mario Kart 64 online with up to four players for the very first time (additional accessories required; sold separately)!

Three additional classic NES and Super NES games are now available for Nintendo Switch Online members!

Earthworm Jim 2

Return to the wacky world of Earthworm Jim!

In this crazy platform game released on the Super NES console in 1995, you put on your super costume and take on the role of Jim, the annelid with attitude! The plot picks up after Jim’s successful rescue of Princess What’s-Her-Name and his less than successful attempts to woo her immediately afterwards. Just when it looked like the princess was about to change her mind, the evil Psy-Crow swooped in and kidnapped her, eager to claim the crown for himself. It’s now up to Jim to stop their marriage, following their trail from planet to planet. But he’s not alone this time, his buddy Snott is on board. Jump, shoot, swing and slide through 10 different levels, grab Psy-Crow and save Jim’s dream girl!

Dig dug II

Help DIG DUG rid the island of holiday intruders!

DIG DUG has decided to go on vacation to an isolated island, but the POOKA and FYGAR don’t give him time to rest! On each turn, take out enemies by blowing them up until they burst or digging traps for them to fall into. But be careful not to get too close to their attacks or fall into your own traps!

Mappy Land

Help MAPPY get back to the party in time!

MAPPY the Police Mouse has prepared all kinds of wonderful gifts for MAPICO and MAPPY Jr. But the big cheese of the cat world, NYAMCO, has ordered its biggest “MEOWKIES” to hide the gifts all over MAPPYLAND. If he wants to deliver the gifts on time to their recipients, MAPPY will have to double the time to find them! Avoid and activate the traps to stun those tricky cats heading your way. You can also use special objects hidden in the level to distract them. Collect six of the same gifts to advance to another stage. Can MAPPY cross the eight cities and survive the onslaught of the claws?

The Save Data Cloud that comes with Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions automatically creates a backup copy of save data for compatible Nintendo Switch games. This allows players to easily recover save data if they lose their system or start using a new one.

Nintendo Switch Online expands voice chat support through the smartphone app with a variety of fan-favorite multiplayer online games, including Splaton 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS and Mario The Aces of Tennis. Additionally, the entire NES – Nintendo Switch Online game library will also support voice chat using the smartphone app.

A Nintendo Switch Online membership also grants users access to special offers, such as the exclusive ability to purchase a pair of Nintendo Entertainment System Wireless Controllers, which resemble the original NES controller. The accessory makes NES – Nintendo Switch Online games even more authentic. Plus, it connects and charges on the Nintendo Switch console. NES controllers can be pre-purchased in sets of two for $59.99 (plus shipping and tax) here by users with an active, paid Nintendo Switch Online membership. Free trial users are not eligible. NES controllers are limited to one set per Nintendo Account holder, and initial orders of the controllers will ship in December.

Individual subscriptions are available for $3.99 for one month, $7.99 for three months, or $19.99 for 12 months. Up to eight Nintendo Account holders can use a Family Membership, which costs $34.99 for one year.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack costs $49.99 for 12 months, while a Family Membership will cost $79.99 for 12 months.

For more information on all the benefits and services available with a Nintendo Switch Online membership, and to find out about a seven-day free trial for new users, visit here.

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