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Nolan North discusses Amy Hennig’s departure from Uncharted 4

Nolan North, the man behind mischievous hero Nathan Drake, has shed some light on Uncharted creator Amy Hennig’s departure from Naughty Dog during the making of A Thief’s End.

North was a guest on Couch Soup this weekend, as hosts Liam McIntyre and Todd Lasance began their playthrough of Uncharted 4. Just before the opening sequences began, North was asked how this final version of the game had emerged. Obviously not wanting to walk away from the elephant in the room, North immediately spoke about Hennig and the changes made after he left development of the game.

“The biggest thing that most people probably remember is…we had been shooting Uncharted 4 with Amy Hennig for about seven months. We were good in the game. And she was fired from Naughty Dog…and they got rid of of everything we’ve done,” North recalled.

“They recast everything. The original cast had Graham McTavish…Cutter [McTavish’s character, last seen in Drake’s Deception] had a huge role in Amy’s 4. Todd Stashwick played Sam and Alan Tudyk played Rafe.

“But they ended up changing everything – Troy [Baker] came to play Sam, they added Nadine for Laura [Bailey].

“Financially it was fine…but you know, that’s the business…I was just glad they didn’t just drop everything and say, ‘It’s done, we’re done’.”

Following this change, Hennig continued to work at EA’s now defunct Visceral Games studio. Today, the director announced that a new Star Wars game is in the works, as part of a collaboration between her current studio Skydance New Media and Lucasfilm Games.

Meanwhile, back on Couch Soup, North praised the recent film adaptation of Uncharted, noting that it brought people back to games.

“I met this guy and his son who was about 10 or 11. He said, ‘I just took [my son] to the movie, and he came home and immediately wanted to play these games.

“There is a whole new generation [discovering Uncharted] thanks to Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, and what they did with the film.”

You can watch the full chat with North below.