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Online casinos in the Netherlands: games, players and regulations

Traditionally, the Dutch have been viewed as having a very liberal approach to taboo subjects. You might think that online gambling wouldn’t be a big deal in such a liberal country. When it comes to online gambling, the Dutch government has generally taken a conservative stance. The government of the Netherlands strictly regulates all legal forms of gambling. It is in the government’s interest to protect its citizens that the government follow such strict measures.

The online casino industry is constantly evolving, growing and improving, which has resulted in an increase in popularity. In this regard, it is crucial that the government implements new laws and regulations, banning or legalizing online gambling.

New online gambling laws and regulations 2021

Although the Netherlands has now opened its market to reputable companies, it still lags behind neighboring countries. 2019 was supposed to be a turning point for the online gambling market in the Netherlands, as it was supposed to completely legalize online gambling.

Earlier in 2019, Sander Dekker, the Dutch Minister of Legal Protection, released secondary legislation governing online gambling. Known as the Remote Gambling Bill Secondary Legislation, it meets all the requirements for online gambling. There are also rules on fair play, marketing and bonuses, as well as regulations against money laundering.

Big changes in 2021

Dutch casino enthusiasts can play legally from October 2021, so they should choose a licensed online casino. Government approved sites are licensed and regulated, making them more secure. Since October 2021, some brands have been licensed in the Netherlands, while others are still waiting. We cannot predict whether the global increase in Covid-19 will cause further delays in introducing updated Dutch legislation in the future.

With the entry into force of the new legislation in October 2021, international online operators will be able to apply for licenses in the Netherlands. The reworked remote gaming bill allows Dutch players to participate in online casino Netherlands, poker and betting legally. The licenses for iGaming have been issued by the Dutch Gambling Authority to ten providers, including Holland Casino and the Dutch Lottery, known for Staatsloterij and Lotto.

To minimize the risk of gambling addiction, all iGaming operators should adopt specific tools and policies. There are now more protections for players and self-exclusion programs are available on all gaming websites. There are now several licensed Dutch casino sites where you can play your favorite casino games.

Taxation of gambling: players versus operators

Any winnings are not taxable. In fact, gambling winnings don’t even need to be reported to the government. In the Netherlands you can play in legal online casinos knowing that you can withdraw money. However, the tax requirements for casino operators are very strict in the Netherlands.

Some are worried about this because the tax on regulated gaming operators is currently 29%, but it could increase under the new gaming law, which would force operators to pay a whopping 30.1% tax. The rate is expected to drop again, but the Dutch Gaming Authority says this further increase is needed to prepare for the implementation of the new law.

Two-year suspension period

A few additional conditions for operators seeking a license to operate in the Netherlands have been added to the remote gambling bill which was passed earlier this year by the Dutch legislature. In addition, any operator operating in the Netherlands without the approval of the KSA regulator had to undergo a two-year suspension period. They could not apply for a new license before the end of this period. To be eligible for a license request, the applicant must not have actively targeted the Dutch market after 2018.

To meet the KSA criteria, operators must use a website with a .nl domain, offer services in Dutch, promote in Dutch, use Dutch images or branding.