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Online gambling addiction: minor murders and 12-year-old cousin buried to pay off gambling debts in Rajasthan; 5 Lakh Ransom demanded from uncle

Jaipur, December 13: A miner addicted to the online games Free Fire Pubg Dragon Squad and Teen Patti killed his young cousin and buried his body. He was arrested by police in Rajasthan, police officials confirmed on Monday. The accused, after killing his cousin, created a fake ID on Instagram and demanded a ransom of Rs 5 lakh by texting his uncle, Nagaur SP Abhijit Singh said.

He said that on December 9, a complaint was lodged with Ladnu police station alleging that his 12-year-old nephew, who left the house on the morning of December 8 with his mother’s phone, was not yet returns home.

The police launched an intensive search for the missing boy, and a special team was formed at the police station and cyber cell under the supervision of Additional Police Superintendent Vimal Singh Nehra and other officials. Rajasthan Shocker: Teenager strangles and 12-year-old cousin buried to pay off his online gambling debts in Nagaur.

The SP said that on the second day of the incident, the uncle of the missing boy living in Assam received a message on Instagram demanding a ransom of Rs 5 lakh. When notifying the police, SHO Rajendra Singh asked them to keep the appellant engaged.

At the same time, the team tracked down the IP location using Instagram ID’s cybertechnology, which turned out to be the kidnapped child’s village. Due to the Instagram ID generated at the time of the incident and the IP location of the kidnapped child’s village, the minor’s name came to the fore in the investigation, which allegedly demanded a ransom.

Detained and psychologically questioned, the miner said he and his cousin used to play the Free Fire Pubg Dragon Square and Teen Patti online games. Online payment in this game was to be given in the form of tokens. He had been to the farm with his 12-year-old cousin on the day of the incident. In a scuffle for online payment, he strangled him to death, then out of fear he threw him into a ditch and threw dirt at him. Bombay Shocker: A woman arrested for assaulting and undressing a minor maid due to late work.

Due to the need to top up to invest money in online games, he hatched a plan to demand a ransom and demanded a ransom of Rs 5 lakhs from his uncle by creating a fake ID. The body of the dead child and the cell phones of the two children were recovered through the detained minor.

The accused indeed showed his uncle the slippers and the cover of the deceased’s phone, then also clicked on a photo of him after taking his body out of the ditch to show the boy was in his hold, officials said. of the police.

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