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Patriots player launches video game charity to help kids at Boston Children’s Hospital – Boston 25 News

BOSTON, Mass. – Even though it’s the offseason, a New England Patriots player still has his competitive juices flowing. And it faces some pretty tough competition, even though they’re half its size.

Patriots defensive back and special teams player Cody Davis is used to making big plays on the football field, but this winter he’s been just as successful off the field. “They see me without my helmet and realize I’m just a person like you and me and just trying to make it a good experience,” he said.

Cody’s love of video games inspired the NFL veteran to recently start a charity called “Cody’s Gamers.” Cody plays video games against patients at Boston Children’s Hospital, like six-year-old AJ. It’s a way to cheer up young patients and make them forget about treatments for a little while. “Right now I’m trying to call an audible because you’re so towering over me,” Cody told AJ, as they competed.

Cody launched Cody’s Gamers in January. He competes one-on-one with each child, each session lasting an hour. The first 15 minutes are devoted to conversation. “So tell me about yourself AJ, what’s your favorite toy?” “I think that’s my favorite thing, you know, talking to kids is seeing what’s on their minds and asking them really fun questions,” he said.

It’s about having a good team for the kids and Cody. “I had a lot of fun playing games with you today and I hope you had fun too mate,” Cody commented to AJ.

Currently, Cody is competing with one child per month, but plans to double that soon. He also hopes to expand “Cody’s Gamers” to other New England hospitals.

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