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PBS Wisconsin Education video game wins international honor

The legend of the lost emeralda point-and-click adventure video game from PBS Wisconsin Education, won a gold medal in the 2022 International Serious Play Awards program, which recognizes outstanding commercial and student products that incorporate game elements and were created for use in education or training. Entries are judged on focus, engagement, interactivity/feedback, Learning objectivesevaluation, aesthetics and gameplay.

Released in February, The legend of the lost emerald encourages learners to 4th to 6th grade show critical thinking and historical investigation by putting yourself in the shoes of Jules, a maritime archaeologist. Players dive underwater to collect clues to uncover the real treasure: shipwreck stories inspired by reality History of the Great Lakes.

Photo courtesy of PBS Wisconsin Education.

The game was produced by PBS Wisconsin Education, Wisconsin Sea Grant, Field Day Learning Games, and an educator advisory group consisting of Wisconsin teachers. More than 500 students in Wisconsin classrooms – including Door County Students and teachers – tested it through play.

The legend of the lost emerald is available for free online access at