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PlayStation Plus reveals your January 2022 gaming treats

December is almost over and that means PlayStation Plus subscribers only have a few days left to download this month’s free games. January will bring a new set of titles made available to PS Plus customers for free, however, unlike some previous months, there’s not much to get excited about this time around (via PS Blog).

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Persona 5 attackers

The PlayStation 4 title is the first of new games announced by Sony for its PS Plus lineup for January 2022. Persona 5 attackers, a role-playing, combat action game. As you might have guessed from the title, the game includes elements of the original Persona 5 title, as well as a cross with the Dynasty warriors franchise.

The game was released on multiple platforms, including the PS4 and Switch, in early 2020. While not a big hit like some of the previous versions of PS Plus, the single player title enjoys excellent ratings from the share of critics and players. example, has a positive rating of 95% on Google.

Dirt 5

If you’re not interested in a solo track, check out Dirt 5, a PS4 and PS5 offer included in the January lineup. The Simulated Arcade Game is a multiplayer racing title from Codemasters that was first released for the previous generation consoles in November 2020, followed later by versions for the current generation models, as well as for Google. Stadia.

Although Dirt 5 doesn’t have grades as high as Forward Persona 5it is still 72% on Metacritic and 83% among Google users. This game is a great option for spending time challenging friends to quick matches or for burning time on weekends when you are not ready to play a harder and more complex game.

Galactic Deep Rock

Finally, January also brings Galactic Deep Rock, a PS4 and PS5 title released in May 2020 for Xbox One and Windows. The first-person shooter, which features cooperative gameplay for up to four players, revolves around a fun, cartoonish sci-fi environment filled with deep mines and dastardly robots.

This game has seasons and is currently on Season 01 which features 100 levels and a variety of seasonal challenges. Players receive performance points and bonuses for completing challenges. Among other things, players can wield interesting weapons, including a “Corrosive Slurry Pump”, guided rockets, and a plasma rifle.

You will need PS Plus

Keep in mind that to download these titles for free you will need a PlayStation Plus membership. This plan allows PlayStation console owners to access multiplayer online play in titles that don’t make it available for free (Minecraft, for example). Free games sweeten the deal, making the idea of ​​playing online a little more palatable.

PS Plus is priced at $ 9.99 / month with pretty big discounts if you pay for three or 12 months up front.

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