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Pokemon Unite Update Attempts to Fix Hoopa Issues

Pokemon Unite was launched in July last year and since its release, its development team has provided it with regular updates and added new content to it from time to time.

In less than a year, Pokemon Unite has managed to generate a lot of interest due to it being the first multiplayer online battle zone or MOBA spawned by the Pokemon franchise. The many unique additions that have been made to it over the past couple of months have also helped keep the hype surrounding it going.

From popular Pokemon like Blastoise to relatively newer Pokemon like Cramorant, the game has seen many interesting creatures added to it in the recent past. For the past few days, the Pokemon Day festivities have been taking place. Thus, the team couldn’t have found a better time to add Hoopa to the overall setup.

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The inclusion of Hoopla in Pokemon Unite had to involve a set of complexities. The game’s official website itself stated that Hoopa encompasses several expert-level strategies. The psychic or ghost figure’s abilities were driven by his signature rings. The same rings allow the player or a member of his team to teleport to different sections of the map. The Unite Move enhances the player’s combat abilities and also provides them with a teleportation ring.

Although all these mechanics were added to improve the gaming experience, it also led to the invasion of several glitches and bugs. Many fans have talked about it and according to reports, an upcoming game update has been made to fix these issues.

Through their official Twitter account, the Pokemon Unite team has made an official announcement regarding upcoming bug fixes and other issues related to Hoopa. In the Twitter thread, the team also listed the specific bugs they aim to get rid of. Many of these issues have to do with how Hoopa’s Dimension Rings interact with Pokemon.

On March 11, an update will be rolled out that will hopefully fix the bugs in a short period of time. Although it will take a few more days for this patch to arrive, there is a good chance that it will come with a larger update. With the upcoming package, players may receive new Holowear or other cool content like Duralodon.

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The addition of Hoopa coincided with the inclusion of unique Pokemon Day content in the game. A new mode named Fury was added to the game, featuring matches that revolve around the concept of combat. This mode has many similarities to another mode called Team Deathmatch which you might have witnessed in many other games.