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Random: Hey, Switch Online N64 game description mentions Golden Sun

Image: Nintendo

If you were a Nintendo fan during the Game Boy Advance generation, you might have experienced Camelot’s fantasy role-playing series before. golden sun. It had two games during this time and even allowed players to transfer content to the second game, Golden sun: the lost age.

While fans would love to see this series make a comeback, Nintendo doesn’t seem to intend to revive it. That’s why every time the internet hears or sees something mentioned about Golden Sun, it gets a little frantic. What’s even better about this is that Nintendo officially recognized it this time around.

The last reference to this classic RPG series appears via Switch Online’s new Nintendo 64 service if you press “X” to learn more about the Camelot original. Mario tennis Game. Certainly, a reference like this can be difficult for some fans to take when GBA titles are not even available on the service.

“The best of the Mushroom Kingdom has hit the court in this wild multiplayer tennis game from the developers of the Golden Sun and Mario Golf games! “

None of the other descriptions in the Nintendo 64 game library really refer to the history of the developers, so it’s interesting to see some Camelot titles recognized. The last real observation in the series was in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Isaac as an assist trophy), and long before that we also had Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS.

Isaac in Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate
Image: Nintendo

When a Golden Sun name like this gets so much fan attention, do you think it’s time for Nintendo to revive this beloved RPG fantasy series? Maybe he could give her a makeover like the Advanced wars series or other? Leave your own thoughts below.

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