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Ranks of roller champions: complete list

Roller Champions has just arrived with its launch season and it’s no surprise that players are already looking to get to the top of the leaderboard.

For those looking to master Ubisoft’s newest free-to-play multiplayer online sports game, here’s a breakdown of the ranks in Roller Champions.

For those who played the game during its beta phase, the Roller Champions Kickoff Season ranking system would work similarly in structure, but with reinvented ranking icons and names based on community feedback.

Levels range from Garage to Champion, some with different subdivisions ranging from 1 to 5.

Here are the ranks of the Roller Champions ranked from best to worst:

“For names,” Ubisoft Montreal game designer Phillip Conte said in a developer blog post“We wanted to preserve the global construction of the Roller Champions, but also make them sound less like they came from an Olympic sport and more like a professional sport. The ranks represent different levels of leagues.”

Players will need to complete 10 ranked placement matches in order to receive their first ranking. Placement Games become available to players once they reach a minimum all-time fan count of 2000 for the first time.

During placement games, matchmaking is changed a bit. Instead of being matched by skill level, players are matched with other players who have an equal or similar number of placement games to play.

Once ranked, players will face tougher opponents the higher their skill rating. Fans are not taken into account during matchmaking.

In Roller Champions, Ubisoft assigns an MMR to each player, which is reflected in its ranking system, represents a combination of a player’s skill value and uncertainty factor, and is only calculated using match results. .

The skill value represents the ability to win games. The skill value ranges from 0 to 50, with a new player starting at 25. The uncertainty factor is used during updates after matches.

If the outcome of the match was unexpected, with a high-skilled player losing to a low-skilled team, the skill update will be greater and vice versa.

Just like in Unranked, frequent disconnections would have consequences in ranked matches.

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