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Release date set for February 2022

Guild Wars 2 is a huge multiplayer online game developed by ArenaNet. The makers have now managed to garner a lot of attention among gamers with the new Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons expansion trailer. Players have loved this new update and have been constantly trying to learn more about this new expansion for Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons. To help them out, here is all the information on the Internet regarding the latest version of Guild Wars 2. Learn more about the Guild Wars 2 update.

Guild War 2 End of Dragons Expansion

The creators have now released a trailer to give viewers a taste of what to expect from the upcoming Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons expansion. The trailer also confirms that the update will roll out in February 2022. There has been a slight delay in the release of this expansion. ArenaNet has promised its players that the game will be released at the end of 2021. But they have had to push back the Guild Wars 2 release date due to certain challenges brought on by the pandemic. The creators have also posted a lot of other information about the Guild Wars 2 pre-order. Players can pre-order games and claim rewards like the Flame Serpent Weapon Chest, Shing Jea’s Mosaic Cloak, and the title. Prodigy of Shing Jea for buying it right now.

Guild Wars 2 pre-order options

There are a total of 3 editions, including the Standard Edition priced at $ 29.99, the Deluxe Edition priced at $ 54.99, and the Ultimate Edition which can be purchased for $ 79.99. The rewards for these editions are a bit different as they contain some of the most exclusive items in the game. This is the third major expansion released years ago. The first expansion is called Heart of Thorns and was released in 2015. The second expansion is called Path of Fire and it was released in 2017. So, players can expect to see a lot of new things being added to the game with this. update. . Because this is the third installment of the update, it must have some of the most exciting content to date. No other information has yet been published on this extension. Keep an eye out for updates on the in-game social media handles.