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Sackboy developer reportedly working on AAA shooter

Sumo Digital, the UK-based game development studio behind Sackboy: A Big Adventure in 2020, could be working on a new AAA shooter.

sackboy developer working on the shooter

Media Molecule is often the only name associated with Little big planet and subsequent games in the franchise, although the company only developed the first two titles and helped with two more. The rest was worked on by other studios, including United Front, Firesprite and Digital sumo. Of these third-party studios, only Sumo Digital has been involved in more than one game, the popular 2.5D platformer of 2014. LittleBigPlanet 3 and 2020 Sackboy: a great adventure.

The UK-based developer was founded by members of the former Infogrames Studios, which was the development house of publisher Infogrames in the ’80s and’ 90s. For 16 years, Sumo Digital has been working on games in various kinds, from Virtua Tennis: Around the World To Repression 3 in action game of 2021 Hood: outlaw and legends. The company has also been credited with co-developed titles like Hitman 1 and 2, Broken Sword: Angel of Death, and Forza Horizon 4.

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Of his long summary of titles, alone Pilot ’76 and Microsoft exclusivity Repression 3 can be loosely categorized as shooters, and it looks like Sumo Digital is ready to add another such game to its catalog. A recent job posting on LinkedIn revealed that the company was looking for a game designer who could help it develop “a new AAA Shooter experience.” The job description states that the game is still in the early stages of development and will be a brand new IP address. The company’s new designer will play a central role in helping to create the title’s core gaming experience.

sackboy standing proud

Sumo Digital is specifically looking for someone with experience in combat design who can help develop and balance the weapons and abilities “that will shape our launch lineup”. This wording implies that the game may have DLC expansions and / or be a digital service with regular content updates. Additional insight into the new game from Sumo Digital can be found under the ‘We Need You’ section of the job posting, which states that the ideal candidate will have experience designing shooter games, ‘from online PvP shooters’ preference.

Other skills Sumo Digital is looking for include knowledge of Unreal Engine 4, ideally three or more years of game development experience, and the ability to ensure that the various disciplines working on the new title understand what is required. . Of course, applicants must be based in the vicinity of Sheffield, England, where Sumo Digital is headquartered. The company offers a number of benefits to employees, including relocation and visa assistance, apprenticeship days, access to online courses, annual bonus, maternity / paternity leave, pension and life insurance.

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