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SCREENS OF DEATHS Haunted Video Game Animated Series Trailer

Comic book author Thom Burgess has teamed up with an animator to create a new YouTube animated series called Screens of death, which will focus on haunted video games. Each episode will be released on Manoghosts TV YouTube channel, with the first installment due next month. Until then, you can read more about the series in the following press release, and the trailer can also be viewed below the text.

Screens of death Official press release

Created by TW Burgess – @manoghosts & Jed Segovia – @JedSegovia

Following the success of TW Burgess’ Kickstarter hit with Early Haunts and Filipino host Jed Segovia’s viral fanmovie of Junji Ito’s beloved “Amigara Fault”, the two horror creators have joined forces to create “Screens of Death, ”an online animated series covering the history of haunted video games.

Described as a blend of classic ’90s cartoon Tales from the Crypt and Black Mirror, each episode promises to delve into the haunted history of some of the most terrifying games ever made. Hope is to turn their shared nostalgia for Saturday morning cartoons into horror fodder for the Tiktok generation.

Along with that, each episode is to be voiced by some of the industry’s leading horror and video game YouTubers.

Episode one ‘Hairy Henry’, voiced by YouTuber ManlyBadassHero (@manlybadasshero), which is no stranger to the indie horror scene whose soft tones set an unsettling tone for things to come.

Screens of Death will launch on Youtube in July 2021. An official Episode 1 trailer is linked below.

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