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Shovel Knight Developer Is Raising Nearly $1 Million For Its Next Game

Following the success of “Shovel Knight”, Yacht Club Games presents a new retro-styled adventure title in the modern era. Dubbed “Mina the Hollower,” the top-down game combines smooth 60fps combat with a world full of mystery and horror, all in an 8-bit art style.

Similar to their 2013 project, the company launched a Kickstarter Campaign about two weeks ago, accumulating close to $1 million ($932,000 at the time of writing). To put that into perspective, the pledged amount was $311,503, which is much lower than the current amount with over 16,000 backers. The campaign ends in 11 days with a goal to deliver the project by December 2023.

Mina the Hollower borrows its aesthetic from Game Boy Color, putting you in control of a rat on a desperate mission to save a cursed island. Overall gameplay is kept at 60fps, with a range of retro video game-style tracks from composer Jake Kaufman – who has previously worked on Crypt of the Necrodancer, Saints Row: The Third and the Yacht Club’s own Shovel Knight.

Founded in 2013, the company was made up of just 5 developers and now has 20 employees, selling millions of copies. “The old days were a lot more desperate,” co-founder Sean Velasco said in a maintenance with Bloomberg. “Now if the whole business blew up, then 20 people would be out of a job. It’s a different kind of fear and responsibility, but I feel a lot less worried about it because I just trust that we have a really good team and we’re going to carry on as best we can.

Velasco intends to take Yacht Club on a similar route to nintendo, where they have several franchises under their name. He hopes Mina the Hollower will be their version of Zeldaone of the largest intellectual properties held by the Japanese company.

In Mina the Hollower, players will encounter a cast of bizarre characters, explore hidden locations, and fight their way through enemies. You can jump, dodge, and smash your way through the ground to fight monsters, or choose from an arsenal of weapons to deal damage. As for the modern keys, we get widescreen support, detailed animation, and responsive controls.

Yacht Club Games is currently in full development on Mina the Hollower, which is currently listed on Steam, with plans to launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. According to Bloomberg, there is also a B-team focusing on a second, unannounced project, which would be a 3D version of Shovel Knight.