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Skyrim: 10 Best Brides To Marry, According To Reddit

Bethesda is currently working on the final stages of its new game Star field. In 2018, development of the game was announced alongside the Elder Scrolls XVI, which left many fans today wondering if they’ll hear from the beloved franchise again. It’s been four years since fans last heard from the game, however, the unknown whereabouts of the sixth title of The old scrolls did not prevent players from replaying Skyrim.

There are plenty of things to do in the open world of the game, and among these, the player can choose an NPC to marry. First, they must wear a Mara amulet and walk around to see the many options Skyrim marriage offers, but with so many choices, it can be difficult to decide who to marry. Luckily, Redditors already have plenty of recommendations of outstanding wives.


9 Moira

Redditor goddamnitmf named this devoted lover one of the best wives in Skyrim and not without good reason. The non-hostile hagraven of Witchmist Grove is the only one of its kind to agree to share a life with the Dragonborn.

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Players will be able to find other Nords, Bretons, Elves or other races who might marry them, but the hagraven are impossible to conquer, except for the loving Moira who is so in love with the Dovakhiin, that she waits her return as if she were Penelope from the Odyssey and can’t bear that her beloved can leave with another woman.

8 Ysolda

Ysolda is a rather humble aspiring merchant and a great marriage option.

seven lydia

A face portrait of Lydia from Skyrim

User renacido42 commented “Lydia, hands down. She has the most loving dialogue, kids are happy in any gamer house with Lydia, […] and carries your burdens.” which is fair enough. As players know, Lydia has one of the Skyrim’s quotes that live for free in every player’s head, so why shouldn’t she also live for free in Breezehome as the bride of the Dragonborn?

Lydia has been loyal to the Dovahkiin since the start of the game and is willing to risk her life just to protect the player. Plus, she’s one of the few characters with unique dialogue, proving what a one-of-a-kind option she is.

6 Senna


FetusGoesYeetus pointed out that “Senna is literally a priestess of the goddess of love and beauty.” which is tantamount to being blessed by Aphrodite, so no one can deny that even though her face is barely visible under her robes, what little can be seen is beautiful.

Senna can marry the Dragonborn once players complete the quest “The Heart of Dibella” in which her witty, loving, devoted, and peaceful personality can be known. Being married to a loving and beautiful wife is always the best and most important decision to make in Skyrim.

Camilla Valerius is in Riverwood and if spoken to she explains how two men are after her heart, Faendal and Sven. The player must decide which of the men should win it, but other Dragonborns prefer the hidden third option, which user Pennisgay shared “Steal camilla away from sven and faendal”.

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Not only do players get a spouse who is one of the owners of the Riverwood Trader, and therefore get a daily profit of 100 gold, but by making Camilla their wife, they are declaring the charm, attractiveness, power and the unbeatable level of speech the Dragonborn has against any other mortal.

5 Mjoll the lioness

A portrait of Mjoll the Lioness with face paint in Skyirm

A deleted user said “Mjoll is pretty awesome, unfortunately you (technically you don’t have to) murder his annoying friend Aerin”, which some players are willing to do just to have this fierce, brave and strong companion walk to their sides. for the rest of their lives under Mara’s blessing.

What makes Mjoll one of Skyrim’s best wives is the fact that she’s already such a fierce warrior that if she has to tend to the house and raise one or two of Skyrim’s children the player can adopt, the Dragonborn shouldn’t worry about his ability to defend his family.

4 Sylgja


Redditor thinker5555 commented “If you’re not looking for someone to follow you into battle, I’d pick Sylgja. She’s always so happy to see me when I walk through the door.” Sylgja is another strong and hardworking Skyrim woman found in RedBelly Mine.

She can become the Dragonborn’s bride after completing her special delivery quest where she reveals that she is so kind and loving that she constantly writes letters to her parents. But just as she is gentle, she can be tough and is one of the few female NPCs willing to fight the Dovahkiin. What other proof do players need to believe she is the best wedding material?

3 Brelyna Maryon


GuabaMan said, “Brelyna Maryon, she’s nice at home or as a follower, sometimes I feel bad when she asks me if I was back from an adventure and just got back from a DB mission. ” Her charming and sweet interactions with the player are one of her best traits, but also her interesting background makes her the best wife.

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Her family is made up of powerful Telvanni mages and that is why she is one of the most skilled mages in the College of Winterhold. She is bright and passionate about studying magic, but also a bit shy and insecure, which makes her more lovable, lovable, and special.

2 Aela the huntress

Most players find her inside Jorrvaskr with her companions or kill a giant just outside of Whiterun. Either way, most players fall in love with her upon first meeting because of her gorgeous looks and, more importantly, her fearless and strong attitude.

A deleted Redditor commented, “If you want a companion, then Aela the Huntress is hands down the toughest and most skilled companion.” There is no better option for a soul mate than one who can follow the Dragonborn on all his adventures and prove himself to be a tough and resourceful warrior.

1 Muiri

Muiri Skyrim

Redditor mmullis1996 pointed out “Muiri is the most beautiful…in my opinion, I enjoyed her quest as well”. Besides being pretty, Muiri is one of the most interesting characters with a side quest in Skyrim. She is betrayed by a friend and seeks revenge with the help of the Dragonborn, which shows how brave she is and how she fights back.

She is also a skilled alchemist, which is always helpful for the player. If the player is looking for a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and to manage things on her own, even if it means facing dangerous sites to regain her honor, she is the best wife there is.

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