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Snapshot of Dr Disrespect’s game has fans in an uproar

With the snapshot slated for July 29, the founders probably felt excited to finally try the game they’ve been waiting for. However, Midnight Society’s system requirements for “Project Moon” have some players worried. Midnight Society responded on Twitter to a concerned player, explaining that they would need “Windows 10, 4.2 GHz i7-7700k, 32 GB RAM, 20 GB free disk space, NVIDIA GTX 1080” to play the snapshot.

Some players seemed shocked that they need 32GB of RAM to play the game, while others hoped that 16 GB would work, even if poorly. A player underline that the game is probably not yet optimized and the final product will be much more compressed and streamlined to run on a wider range of PCs.

A player Noted that even “Elden Ring” doesn’t require as much memory as “Project Moon” seems to. Still, they commented that it would be interesting to see the game’s development process in action, before the game is reconfigured for the general public. It’s true that players don’t see the development process most of the time, and “Project Moon” provides an interesting opportunity to do so, but only time will tell how the final project will pan out.