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Sony has filed for patent to address multiplayer grievances

In April of this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed for a patent for a system to address “disruptive” behavior in multiplayer games and take appropriate action against abusive gamers and cyberbullies.

As GameRant spotted, the app was released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in September and claims that online harassment and cyberbullying has unfortunately become a “growing trend” in video games. line. Commonly referred to as trolls and sorrows, a disruptive gamer is described as one who “deliberately irritates, annoys and harasses other video game players.” In some cases, the disruptive gamer will use aspects of the video game unintentionally to disrupt the normal playing of the video game.

Currently, gaming companies rely heavily on manual methods of reporting and monitoring. Sony appears to be testing a system that automatically identifies disruptive events and patterns of disruptive behavior.

“The method also includes applying a behavioral designation to players of the online gaming system,” the app says. “The behavioral designation indicates whether or not a player is verified to be responsible for one or more of the identified disruptive behavioral events. The method also includes generating current demographic data on real-time player behavior for a specified game space using behavioral designations applied to players associated with the specified game space.

The application further addresses “permitted” tolerance levels for such behavior. The idea behind the system is not to ban players outright, but to deter grief by putting in place appropriate restrictions and streamlining the process for dealing with such players.

The app contains a lot of technical jargon, but if you’re interested, head over to WIPO website.