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Sony reveals pricing for new PlayStation Plus services in India: check benefits here

In March, Sony announced that it would revamp its PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services into a new three-tier PlayStation Plus service. Although the service has not yet launched, Sony has announced the Indian price of the service and its launch date in the country. Keep reading to learn more about new PS Plus benefits, subscription tiers and pricing in India.

The official PlayStation Now site says “PlayStation Plus will change on June 22 and merge with PlayStation Now. The new PlayStation Plus will offer three subscription plans to choose from, with a variety of benefits and game libraries including hundreds of recent games and classics to discover.” On top of that, the page says “pay monthly as you go, quarterly for extra savings, or get an annual subscription for the best value.”

PlayStation Plus Essential

PlayStation Plus will offer core features including online multiplayer access, two PS4 games and one PS5 game to download each month, plus exclusive discounts, among other benefits. the PlayStation Plus Essential price in India has been set at Rs. 499 per month, Rs. 1,199 for three months, and Rs. 2,999 for 12 months.

Additional PlayStation Plus

The PlayStation Plus Extra membership includes all PlayStation Plus Essential benefits. Additionally, subscribers will also be able to explore a world of amazing gaming experiences with access to hundreds of downloadable PS4 and PS5 games. PlayStation Plus Extra pricing in India starts at Rs. 749 per month, Rs. 1,999 for three months, and Rs. 4,999 for 12 months.

PlayStation Plus Deluxe

Those who subscribe to PlayStation Plus Deluxe will get all the benefits mentioned above, plus access to game tracks and the list of games in the Classics catalog. The PlayStation Plus Deluxe India price is set at Rs. 849 per month, Rs. 2,299 for three months and Rs. 5,749 for 12 months.

With the new PlayStation Plus, Sony is looking forward to expanding its user base and attracting more paying customers. The service will give them multiple benefits, including free monthly games, cloud storage, a bunch of older games, and more. Also, the price of the new PlayStation Plus will differ from region to region.