Sony’s patent will forever change video game violence

Essentially, the idea behind this patent is to implement negative effects on the character model that is injured. This can be seen both in visual cues and in the way a character moves or is controlled. Sony’s patent application lists a few different ideas on how these effects can be seen or felt during play: “An injury to a leg can be mimicked by putting the feet on a heavier weight or depriving the player of control over it. leg. The in-game character’s facial reaction may change to mimic pain or distress. “

These effects can be isolated on a single limb or on multiple points, but the general idea is the same: by exerting pressure on these injured areas, for example by stepping on an injured leg, the character model will react accordingly. either grimacing or walking more cautiously. As more pressure is put on that limb, or “bond,” the limb’s effectiveness may decrease over time. Sony’s end goal with this patent is to “reproduce the true movement of an injured person as closely as possible”.

Of course, not all patents are fully implemented, but it’s an interesting prospect for fans of more visceral gaming experiences. Maybe this will make you think twice about that “Skyrim” soldier who just told you about the time they took an arrow in the knee.

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