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Squid Game: 8 Best Internet Challenges, Ranked

Content Warning: This article contains violent images / graphics

by netflix Squid game took the world by storm. People all over the world are talking about it, humming the tune, and buying the merchandise from the show. Since its release, people have even streamed the show and looked to somehow take on the challenges themselves.

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Patiently awaiting the return of the series with their expected second season, fans can participate in the online challenges. There have been many challenges and full games designed in versions of the series, where fans can become Squid Game players and compete against each other. With the rumors that Season 2 is in development, it’s likely that there will be a lot more challenges in the near future as well.



The logo of the browser game Squid

Squid is an in-browser game for fans to play with no downloads required. Squid allows fans to compete against other players online in the “Red Light, Green Light” challenge.

This game is a step up from a basic minigame as it records the player’s progress and allows them to progress to more difficult levels as the player wins. They can also improve their character’s customizations with coins they earn by completing levels. There are also a few ads included on this site, but a smaller amount.

Squid Challenge: survival game

The game Red Light Green Light in the survival game Squid Challenge

Squid Challenge: survival game is a free mobile application available on the Google Store. It allows fans to play all the challenges of the series on the go. However, a major downside to this game is that it doesn’t appear to be available on IOS.

This mobile game is quick and easy for fans to play and participate in the challenges of the show. It challenges players to see how many days they can survive, allows them to purchase upgrades, and track their progress. Players use touch to tap, drag, and trace in each game. Some ads appear to appear between games, but players have the option of paying to have them removed.

Crazy games: online squid game

The giant doll from Squid Game Online

Crazy Games offers fans another in-browser game that does not require any downloads or payment. This multiplayer game includes all the challenges with better mechanics and graphics than Squid

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It is one of the best browser games available for fans that looks superior to other types of arcade mini games. It allows players to compete against other players online. The mechanics are slightly better designed, allowing players to jump and move freely with the keyboard and mouse. It plays out like all competition in the series, advancing players through each challenge and seeing who can be the ultimate survivor.

Crab game

This is an indie game created as an imitation for Squid game which allows players to compete in different challenges referenced in the series and also includes new twists.

Crab game, although it does require a download, is one of the best games to play for free on Steam. It is a unique game that allows players to compete against each other in the Squid game challenges and use proximity chat to communicate. Players can join servers hosted by others or host their own games. It was a popular game among fans, but it showed some bugs which made it difficult to play smoothly.

Octopus games

A character standing in a small patch of land in the ocean in Octopi Games

This is another indie, knock-off Squid game multiplayer game. Octopi Games is a free online download game that Squid game fans created a buzz on YouTube. Unfortunately, it is only available for download for Windows PC players.

Octopi Games is a step up from Crab Game, with better graphics, mobility and authentic sound. Currently, the game only offers the “Red light, green light” challenge, but it promises more will come in future updates. It will be a multiplayer online game, allowing players to compete against each other. Players also have more options for character creation.

Tik Tok: red light challenge, green light challenge

Split Image Showing Two Girls Doing The Red Light Green Light Tiktok Challenge

On the more humorous side of things, fans compete in challenges via TikTok filters. The “Red Light, Green Light” challenge on TikTok is one trend in particular that has really exploded online.

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This trend allows fans to compete in the “Red Light, Green Light” challenge through a green screen. When the doll is facing the opposite, players must open or move their mouths to make their characters move. When the doll turns around, players are forced to freeze in place. While this is a fairly quick little game, fans are finding ways to make it humorous and entertaining.

Roblox: squid game

Roblox Squid Game Mod

by Roblox Squid game, created by Trendsetter Games, is the show’s premier online multiplayer version. This allows players to compete online with others in the challenges to see who can be the last one standing.

This game is unique in its characteristics, allowing players to be a competitive opponent or guard during matches. Players must perform the duties of a goalkeeper if selected as such. It displays the sounds of the show, the challenges and the possibility to interact with other players. Fans can play it for free online, as long as they download the player for Roblox and are not interrupted by any ads.

Tik Tok: Dalgona candy game

Split image showing two people making dalgona candy on Tiktok

The “Dalgona Candy Game” is another trending challenge that has exploded on TikTok because of the show. Two different versions of this are available on the TikTok app, allowing fans to show off their skills in the dalgona or honeycomb challenge.

One side of this game requires players to craft the dalgona candies shown in the series, in which the characters had to sculpt shapes without breaking them. Once players have the candy, they then measure themselves against how quickly to complete the challenge of carving out the shape. Without a doubt, it’s for die-hard fans who really want to take on the challenge in real life. Another version of this challenge is also available on TikTok which is another green screen game. Players should trace the shape by directing their nose along the lines visible on the screen.

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