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Ted Cruz is ready to do something to protect children… from video games / Queerty

Texas embarrassment Ted Cruz has been worrying a lot about America’s kids lately.

Children are apparently at risk of seeing streak, being exposed to “lesbian toys”and more recently, being forced into “addictive” play by video games.

In the wake of last month’s shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Cruz & Co.’s recent concern for the welfare of children from every possible angle except gun violence is more than a not very practical.

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Even in a debate over something as small as video game currency, Ted Cruz couldn’t find a cohesive point of view. Apparently he doesn’t like in-game purchases, but he also admits that he uses and buys loot boxes and premium currencies for himself, but he’s also willing to talk about banning them.

This is consistent with the general operation of Cruz; he’ll use whatever advantage he can to win even trivial things, but is also content to pay lip service to anything that seems vaguely in line with his party’s latest obsession with “protecting the children.”

You know, safe from everything but life-ending firearms in schools across the country (and ONLY this country) on a weekly basis.

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Cruz went on to explain how our world is “on the way” to the fictional reality of the 2018 blockbuster. Loan player one, and you know what, of course. Let’s just say that.

Admittedly, loot boxes have been a hot issue in gaming for years, with some players feeling that massive multiplayer online games now run on a pay-to-win system.

This is of reasonable concern to people like professional gamers, but why is it a concern of a lawmaker whose state is cracking down with gun violence and the collapse of human rights policies is a mystery.