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Tetris reveals Dominic Toretto’s favorite video game

Over the past few days, social media has been inundated with images of Dominic Toretto, Vin Diesel’s character from the Fast and Furious franchise. As any fan of the series knows, Toretto is a family affair, and that fact has led to some fantastic memes. Everyone seems to be getting down to it, including the official Tetris Twitter account. Tetris has gone through many variations over the years, and the game’s account has highlighted the fact that there truly is a Tetris game for everyone. To prove it, the company shared an image of Toretto with a copy of Family Tetris.

The Tweet can be found embedded below.

What’s impressive about this meme is the fact that Tetris had to go far back in its catalog to find a game that made it work. In fact, most die-hard Tetris fans can be forgiven if they perhaps forgot. Tetris family! The game was released in 2006 as one of those standalone consoles that could plug directly into a TV (or VCR). These types of sets were generally quite inexpensive and had questionable overall quality. Tetris family featured a small handful of modes, including “Family” mode, which allowed two players to compete against each other to clear the lines. Continuing this theme of togetherness, the set included two controllers so families of all kinds could play against each other.

Tetris may be the first official video game account to enter the Toretto family meme, but gamers around the world have inserted Dom into a ton of different video games over the past few days. There are Toretto memes in Kingdom Hearts, Yakuza, and more. Like all the other great memes, this one will likely die out quickly, but it’s fun to see how Fast and Furious fans continue to make it work!

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