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The best controller setup for multiplayer

Halo Infinite has seen major success with the release of its multiplayer mode, and gamers can achieve more success with the best controller setup.

Infinite halo has seen significant success with the release of its multiplayer, and gamers can find their own success with the best multiplayer controller setup. The launch of Halo Infinite multiplayer has seen many new players in the online experience, as well as the return of veterans who may not have picked up a Halo title since the release in 2015 of Halo 5. With in addition to Halo Infinite Ranked mode, all players should want to have the best controller setup for multiplayer.

One of the unique characteristics of Infinite halo is that it allows players to configure their own custom button mappings. While traditional settings are still available, players can individually map controller inputs. Of course, that extends to keyboard and mouse gamers, but a controller’s limited capacity means its users will have to make the most of their buttons to keep up with the competition. Moreover, because Infinite halo is also available on Steam, it has become more necessary than ever to use settings that allow players to make the most of the mobility and arsenal they have.


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The best Infinite halo multiplayer settings depend on the type of controller used; for example, a standard controller versus an Elite Series 2. Standard controllers do not have the Elite Series 2 paddles, which means that the ideal controller configuration must change. Neither setting is particularly better than the other, although many online FPS players prefer to use a controller with paddles due to the ease of access. On the other hand, the standard controller requires much less button customization, which influences a player’s decision to use this model rather than another controller with paddles in. Infinite halo.

The best controller setup for Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Best standard controller setup

For the standard controller, the ideal configuration is not that different from the default settings. However, three buttons will exchange their positions with each other to allow for better mobility and better use of the equipment in Infinite halo. In any competitive FPS game, mobility is everything, and the easier it is to move around, the harder it is for an opponent to win a firefight. The default settings for a standard controller set RB as “Use Equipment”, B as “Crouch / Slide” and R3 as “Melee”. For ideal settings, players should replace these buttons with the following:

  • RB in melee: This allows faster melee attacks after firing a weapon.
  • R3 like crouching / sliding: The right stick is already tied to the change of direction, so placing R3 as a crouch and glide mechanism allows players to fully control their movement between the left and right sticks.
  • B as user equipment: Setting up B as user gear is not as necessary as setting up the other buttons, but it does ensure that players can always use their gear quickly, no matter what the situation.

For an Elite Series 2, or another controller with paddles, the best Infinite halo The configuration of the multiplayer controller is slightly changed from the standard controller settings. For example, toggle the crouch and slide button from B to R3 and the scrum button from R3 to B from the default settings. With the B paddle drawn on the back, players have more control and can quickly access the scrum while still maintaining the gear use button on RB.

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Infinite halo is now available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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