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The biggest video game news of the week (January 29

Another week has passed, which means it’s time again to digest everything we’ve learned about the present and future of the video game industry over the past seven days. Considering everything that’s already happened in 2022, you’d be forgiven for forgetting it’s only February. Acquisition play continued this week as PlayStation appears to have reacted to Xbox’s takeover of Activision while Nintendo continues to prove it’s still the true industry heavyweight right now via the numbers lifetime sale of the Switch. All that and more below as we recap and relive the week’s biggest video game news.

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PlayStation acquires Bungie

Last month, Xbox shook the very foundations of the gaming industry by spending $68.7 billion on Activision Blizzard. Everyone has been eagerly awaiting PlayStation’s reaction ever since and this week we seem to have it. Sony-managed console creators acquired Bungie. The deal is worth $3.6 billion, which is still huge but dwarfed by the Activision acquisition. However, the kicker is that Bungie created Xbox’s flagship series, Halo. Don’t panic, Xbox owners. Bungie hasn’t owned the rights to Halo for a while. It’s still quite telling that Bungie is now a PlayStation-owned studio, and Jim Ryan has promised more acquisitions are on the way.


The New York Times acquires Wordle

It’s been a pretty busy week for acquisitions. In fact, it was all day. Around the same time PlayStation revealed to the world that it had bought Bungie, the creator of Wordle let everyone know that he had sold his hit viral game to The New York Times. The exact amount paid for Wordle is unknown. All that’s been revealed is that the rights to the game have been sold for a seven-figure sum. Fair play to the man who created the game, but the millions of people who now play Wordle are a little worried. The New York Times said the game will remain free, but added “for now” to that statement, suggesting that we will one day have to pay if we want to understand the game’s daily words.

Switch vs Wii - big dog little dog meme with the switch beating the little dog with a wii on his head

103 million Nintendo Switches sold

Nintendo needed a shot after the failure of the Wii U and damn it delivered. The Switch has become Nintendo’s best-selling home console this week, as it was revealed that over 103 million have been sold since its launch in 2017. That’s more than the Wii that held the record. for over a decade. The Switch has also overtaken the PS1 in sales and its next target will be the PS4. As with other Nintendo family rivals, the Switch still has some way to go before it overtakes the Game Boy and DS sales figures.

Two racing cars in Gran Turismo 7

State of play of Gran Turismo 7

PlayStation held a State Of Play this week and it was all about Gran Turismo 7. The latest installment in the long-running racing sim is now a month away from launch and the 30 minutes of gameplay shown this week proved yet again that it will be a pretty amazing title. There are also plenty of new features in the series for fans. A used car dealership that lets you pick up different cars for less, a photo mode, and even tracks from previous GT games, Mario Kart-style. The pressure is really high for GT7 to deliver after the massive success of Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox last year. See if it can live up to the hype when it launches on March 4.


The Halo TV show will be here on March 24

March won’t just be a big month for GT fans. It will also be the month for the arrival of Paramount’s Halo TV show and a trailer for the show debuted this week. It gave fans a much better look at its Master Chief and a real sense of how the show will compare to the games. There’s a lot in there that players will recognize like energy swords and of course Cortana, but it seems like the series follows a unique story and timeline. Speaking of Cortana, even though she’ll be voiced by the same actress as the character in the games, Halo diehards don’t think she’s blue enough. Do whatever you want with it.

It takes two-2

It takes two: the movie

2021’s Game of the Year It Takes Two may also find itself being told via a different medium in the near future. It was reported this week that the hit co-op game will be adapted into a movie or TV series by the same studio responsible for the Sonic films. There are no concrete details yet on how and when this will happen, but it’s an exciting prospect for the millions of us who took on the roles of May and Cody last year. Especially since the game might never have a follow-up or sequel.

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